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                         Quitting smoking is not as difficult as you are led to believe.



      All you have to do is breathe in BEFORE you take any and every drag of your                   cigarette and you will easily quit smoking once and for all in a few months.


                                                         Nothing More


                                              Take a minute to think about that.


     The pages within tell you my thoughts about why its considered so difficult to quit          and why it actually shouldn't be.  A complete page on how I quit smoking without            effort, step by step and even pages of the science of how and why                                  PseudoSmoking works and why you should be doing so to quit right now.

     You see....  with my method you don't stop smoking to quit smoking.  You smoke            exactly the same cigarettes you currently smoke (NOT E'cigarettes, cigars  OR by          using nicotine replacement products), just in a different way.  I'm sure you can

     do without the stress of actually quitting smoking until you are fully prepared to by          this method.  Then you just stop.......I did  


                               That is why its called  PseudoSmoking.


           You can quit by cold turkey, with or without nicotine replacement products,

          but that will just makes you one of the 90% relapsed smokers from doing so

                                                          in the future


                                If you instantly believe what I suggest is impossible


                                         Prepare to learn that it is indeed, reality    

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**********   "PseudoSmoking" in no way stops or prevents the proven risk of cancer, respiratory or other health problems commonly associated with smoking tobacco related products.  I do not endorse anyone continuing to smoke.  They do      so at 100% their own risk and it is my hope that by using my method, many    existing smokers can easily quit smoking completely if and when they choose to                                   do so sooner forever, rather than never. *********** 




                             and NOT over and over and over again 


    As you are already a smoker, PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking ......NOW

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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