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  My method is unlike any other you will have come across. 

Something that should be borne in mind.  Pennicillan was discovered in much the same way as I found  PseudoSmoking actually worked to quit smoking, not just cut down.  By sheer luck and observation of something easily dismissed..  A petri dish of an experiment was found to be contaminated by mould.  Instead of simply throwing that contaminated sample out he noticed the bacteria was dead near the mould in the dish.  From this, eventually Millions of people were saved from an early demise.  I see a correlation here.   Where would we be today without accidental discoveries??  A good thing this man did NOT have the same attitude as some members of, they'd have chucked the dish out immediately without thought as zealots know everything, just ask them, or challenge that ideal.

What is Pseudosmoking?

It is a new method of smoking absolutely normal cigarettes in a manner that removes the 2 nicotine methods of absorbtion into the bloodstream.   The MAJOR one, via the lungs, quickly and then permanently while PseudoSmoking, the other ( less absorbed nicotine than via NRT ), via the mucous membranes within the mouth and behaves the same as any NRT product and remains as a per cigarette basis until you stop PseudoSmoking completely. You will simply stop smoking at some point usually well within 12 months.

How do you manage that?

You change the automatic learned reflexive response when you learned to smoke, to one exactly the opposite.  Its like making the the accelerator pedal operate the brake instead. Once learned over 1 - 2 months, without concentrating hard to do otherwise, you also can't inadvertantly take a drag into your lungs and so relapsing should be unlikely.  It stands to reason it will take just as long to relearn the initial learned reflexive response you previously had when you didn't PseudoSmoke, which is why relapsing becomes far less likely.  
 So to become a PseudoSmoker you simply change the direction you breathe ( breathe in instead of out ) "before" you take a drag of your cigarette, you can no longer "inhale" the smoke and no cigarette smoke can reach your lungs and therefore no nicotine can be absorbed by them. You otherwise enjoy your cigarette experience as usual.  This is the key to it all. Once this is achieved 100% automatically then it is almost inevitable you will stop smoking within 3 to 12 months dependent on how long you have been a smoker before deciding to quit.

What about withdrawal?

There is no or very limited withdrawal.  There is a quick step by step process to wean the PseudoSmoker off fast nicotine (nicotine that is absorbed via the lungs).  Due to the acidity of cigarette smoke, the nicotine in the smoke that is held in your mouth for a few seconds, each pseudodrags nicotine is barely absorbed at all and acts on the brain exactly like any nicotine replacement product used by the majority of quitting smokers as its only slowly transported to the bloodstream.  A simple example is nicotine gum, lozenges which are actually manufactured to be alkaline to promote absorbtion within the mouth via the mucous membranes

Why would anyone want to keep smoking if the intention is to quit smoking?

Most methods of quitting smoking expect a very high level of failure or relapse. One of the major reasons for this is withdrawal and what I call a situational habit whereby your brain recognizes instances where it got a nicotine hit and initiates a craving, withdrawal moment or a habit reflex response.  The longer you have smoked the more of these instances exist.  PeudoSmoking makes this completely redundant. The other reason is for simple sanity. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is NOT being able to have either your cigarettes with you or easily accessable if the need is felt to have one.  This is a CONSTANT reminder that you are indeed quitting.  WHO NEEDS THAT? YOU DON'T.  Once again quitting smoking by PseudoSmoking makes this issue also redundant.  To any onlooker the "only" obvious change in your habits and demeanor will be the greatly reduced number you smoke in a relatively short time and one day they will just stop seeing you smoking at all.   

How does PseudoSmoking make this different for the quitter?

With PseudoSmoking you have a choice, you no longer need to avoid smokers or places or events you enjoyed a smoke, you can join your friends and PseudoSmoke if you wish ( some caveats apply )  or you can choose not to PseudoSmoke at that time.  The important part is you get to choose, by choosing not to PseudoSmoke, you turn that trigger off.  By choosing to enjoy a smoke by PseudoSmoking in that situation you are still doing doing no harm to your quitting effort. You will probably choose not to next time.

What is the purpose of the "cigarette in the web" picture?

Its a demonstration of the situational habit, as I call it.  Once the cigarette (nicotine that reaches your lungs) is gone the web is still left  (situations where you enjoy a cigarette).  Like a spiders web even when the spider is gone the web will still catch flies.  It can do so until all of the strands are broken to a state where it can no longer do any harm. It is for this reason that to quit smoking is more than just losing the nicotine addiction.  It is also the reason for relapse. 

Are there any drawbacks to PseudoSmoking?

Pseudosmoking is suitable for any person who is a current smoker who wishes to quit. It is not without flaws and may not suit your lifestyle as there are some rules that must be followed. Among these is you MUST concentrate fully breathing IN before EVERY drag when Pseudosmoking. This means you may not PseudoSmoke in any situation you concentrate on anything but your cigarette or can be easily distracted, until it becomes an automatic reflex response to breathe IN first.

The changes you make to your life are negligable.  Not one person, not a workmate, friend or even my wife was aware I was quitting smoking until well after I had stopped completely. What does that tell you? I quit when my intention was only to cut down. It was completely by accident I learned that yes indeed, you CAN still smoke  (by PseudoSmoking only) and quit. 

Try Pseudosmoking, it may not be the answer for you, it was for me. It is DEFINITELY no worse than is currently out there on offer. In EVERY way it is easier. 

What surprises me the most is the negative attitude towards Pseudosmoking, simply because you do continue to smoke  cigarettes (PseudoSmoked).  Quitting smoking is regarded as VERY difficult thing to do.  If helping people to quit smoking is such a difficult thing to do and a proven alternative is thrown into the ring, I know it works, Science itself proves why it works,  to my mind it is worthy of consideration, not condemnation with scant regard to the incredible possibilty with its merits.  

                                             If it works for you, that's all that is required   


 Instead of insisting you stop smoking immediately, my method actually uses your usual smoking activity to help you quit just need to follow some simple rules.  It has none of the obvious drawbacks of quitting cold turkey, the stigma of the high failure rate, the anxiety, irritability, depression, grumpiness and constant mood swings from instant lack of nicotine that aren't beneficial to yourself or others.  That list could be added to easily and almost endlessly.  It has no financial impost or need to quit smoking relying on other products of dubious benefit in the process.  It doesn't cost you time and money for sessions at a doctors, hypnotherapists, self help groups.  It requires exactly NONE of the above and yet it simply works.  In fact, it is the cheapest, easiest and most effective method I have ever found over many attempts at reducing the number I smoke to indeed quitting.  I found every other one of the others above unhelpful or otherwise problematic.                              


         I had to develop my own way.  It took me many attempts and variations but over time I happened to dumb it right down to the bare minimum and voila.  Its so simple and easy its quite brilliant...Like most great ideas it was found almost by accident, happy coincidence and of course..... luck and I call it  PSEUDO SMOKING.  My method does require you to want to succeed, but even that isn't really a prerequisite due to the fact that if you follow the crucial steps, to at least step 9 ( very, very straight forward ) you'll be amazed. Persist over another 3 months you will find you actually smoke a small fraction of what you used to largely without even realising  you are doing so and in 6 months can just stop smoking if you choose to.  This is a smoking method change.  It requires concentration for every cigarette, every drag,  you are changing an automatic habit to one exacly the opposite. It must be maintained ( Easier and easier over time ) for it to be effective long term.  Longer term and you can simply stop smoking when the taste no longer gives you satisfaction.  As I will indeed do, and have now done.


                 What my method does which NO other does is, it empowers YOU to choose.



         This is exactly what happened for me,  I fully intended to try my seemingly very left field approach of pseudo smoking to reduce my smoking habit down to something affordable, 30 a day instead of 50+.  I seriously enjoy a cigarette and still do 6 months on, although its pseudo smoked in a very satisfying manner for taste or I'd have simply stopped smoking completely by now.   My method has almost none of the pitfalls and a complete by product, that you easily reduce your habit to such a point that you can simply stop when you can't be bothered anymore.  Its for this reason I have gone to the effort of this web page. 


I couldn't stop thinking about how EASY my method of Pseudo Smoking actually is.  How much it could assist others, especially the working classes, the financially challenged,  and the others that have simply been unable to quit using any

other method...                    


Below relates to how nicotine works in your brain from nicotine via your lungs vs nicotine via patches, gum or other nicotine replacement methods.  An exerpt from a debate on a forum (see my blog) about the merits of PseudoSmoking that ironically proved by science that  Pseudosmoking works like a cold turkey method with nicotine replacment therapy on steroids, as there is ALSO no anxiety of not being able to smoke involved 


This is a concept that many who are quitting or trying to learn about nicotine addiction struggle with. The difference between cigarettes/ecigs/cigars/similar and NRT is that one is INHALED and one is skin-absorbed. With inhaled nicotine, the brain is being hit hard and fast with a massive amount of nicotine that keep our addictive receptors active (this is called the "bolus effect"). Nicotine is an acetylcholine mimic, and our brains create millions of acetylcholine receptor sites to keep us from being poisoned. This is SCIENCE. You cannot argue with scientific fact unless you've done scientific research to back up your arguments. NRT does not hit the brain fast and hard (i.e. does not create a bolus effect), thus only mitigates withdrawal symptoms while the addict is healing from the fast, hard hits. Receptors begin their dormancy process in the brain, but cannot fully complete until the addict is off the NRT. It takes about a YEAR of abstinence from inhaled nicotine for addictive receptors to go fully dormant. It's like if a truck rolls onto your foot and breaks it... Even after it has rolled off, we need time to heal. If we let the truck roll onto our foot "just once or twice," it re-breaks the foot.


When you PseudoSmoke, after an initial phase in period, no cigarette smoke can reach your lungs when done properly.  The cigarette smoke is, however retained within your oral cavities for a period of time when you take a drag which allows the above mentioned slow transfer, which acts in the same manner that nrt's do.  The nett effect is you get no inhaled nicotine,  you effectively slap a nicotine patch on each time you pseudosmoke AND as you are still allowed cigarettes when Pseudosmoking it has the added bonus effect of zero withdrawal symptoms  and completely removes any anxiety of not having ready access to cigarettes if required.  Also no "broken foot" as relapsing from one or  two accidental slip up is of little consequence with pseudosmoking.  The longer you pseudosmoke the more automatic your breathing IN before having a drag of your cigarette becomes


               Pros and cons of what you're going to read about


Pros -  By using the method as described :-


            There are no upfront fees to use my method, The method of Pseudo Smoking is described in full and is NOT a teaser to get you in and then no punchline until you cough up something.  I'd like to think it can work on an honesty box type system.  If nothing else, smokers are honorable people in my experience, a moderate smoker will save around $5000 a year if they quit smoking.  If the use of my Pseudo Smoking method saves you 50% or more of your current smoking budget a week then you should do the right thing and make a donation of a sum YOU believe is fair and reasonable, but there is no obligation to either.  Can't get fairer than that.  Just click on the donate button at the bottom of a page when you are ready


            IT  SIMPLY  WORKS

            You do NOT stop smoking cold turkey, if you feel like a cigarette you can *pseudosmoke* one

            You do NOT use any nicotine replacement products.

            Permanently reducing smoking and quitting is NOT as difficult as you are led to believe

            There is nothing extra you need to buy

            Nicotine addiction is very easily overcome.

            Quitting smoking becomes a very simple step, once the situational habit has ALSO been addressed.

            It is not rocket science, absolutely anyone can achieve the result they want.

            It enables you achieve your own goals, without any pressure.

            No-one will know you are trying to quit unless you want them to.

            There are few, if any, withdrawal symptoms.   

            Your respiratory health will improve markedly.

            Your financial health will improve significantly.

            Your doctor will have to treat you like a human being.


Cons For at least a 4-8 weeks you will have to focus on how you smoke every cigarette.

             The above means no day dreaming and no concentrating on/doing other tasks while having a cigarette.

             This includes, while driving, while social drinking, while on the phone, any activity where you hold the cigarette               between your lips while doing something else. Or any other activity where you need to have your                         .           concentration elsewhere     It is critically important...ok?????                                                         

              Your Dentist still won't treat you like a human being

              You have quite a bit of reading to do

              You may feel grateful enough a bit later on, due to how much you save, to make a donation.

              I really can't think of anything else, It really is all positive, not negative at all.     



**********   "Pseudo smoking" in no way stops or prevents the proven risk of cancer, respiratory or other health problems commonly associated with smoking tobacco related products.  I do not endorse anyone continuing to smoke.  They do so at their own risk and it is my hope that by using my method many people can easily quit smoking completely if and when they choose to do so. ***********










                                                                           Feedback, negativity and time


              I am NOT interested in derogatory comments or opinions from those who do not believe its possible to do this.      .  Yes, I am mainly directing this to reformed or non smokers who believe only what they have been told and/or had the misfortune to quit smoking in the "normal, difficult ways. ( The world was also believed to be flat once )  Congratulations that you could though, you rock for that at least.   Personally I like the no greater cost, withdrawal free, gentle and simple method I am going to detail.  I live by the motto WHAT IS  ........ IS, and as a golfer firmly believe in ITS HOW MANY....not the HOW that matters.  I am interested in what your opinions are ( for or against ) ONLY if you have taken the time to give it a go and see if it works for you.  A go means for at LEAST 6 weeks.  If it doesn't help you I appreciate your efforts and am interested in your experience, but not before at least 4 weeks has passed unless you need assistance, in which case I will do my utmost to help in a reasonable time.   Please be sure the answer you require isn't already able to be found on this site. 


Thank you, I hope all who try my method are as successful in achieving all you wish to from it, as I have been....................



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