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  My thoughts as to why stopping smoking perceived as being so difficult when there is no need for it to be


           Truth is, nicotine is hardly an issue at all.  Its the tail wagging the dog and advertisers LOVE it.  Of course it is a part of the problem but only because it is falsely seen as the major reason, therefore most methods to stop smoking are largely working from the wrong end.  I think what is written below to be pretty compelling evidence.


                                                                                                     Reasoning :-


My lovely wife ( a heavy smoker at the time ) went to hospital for a minor operation and after 3 weeks in a coma and another 2 months recuperating in hospital, no cigarettes at all in that time....guess what?...yep she still wanted a smoke after a little while at home, which she didn't get of course, but this took a few months to resolve.   At the time I was still smoking heavily but certainly not around her or indoors at all.  She also detested even the smell of cigarette smoke now but the irony was  .....  she still wanted to have a cigarette at times in various situations  ........   Still at times she wants cigarette now 6 years on.  So nicotine isn't the real issue all would have you believe, its just the scapegoat.  So if its not nicotine after a short time then it has to be situational habit.  If you think about it it makes perfect sense.  Smoking for many years was acceptable ( yes it was ) in the workplace, down the pub, hospital, very nearly anywhere you went you could smoke and no-one would bat an eye. So for nearly every activity you took part in ( over years thousands ) if you were a smoker it was the norm to smoke before, during and/or after.  Brains are very adaptable, and when all situations and activities involve nicotine then of course your brain reminds you that it normally gets a nicotine hit at every one of them,  so the association and the urge for a cigarette becomes strong.  Think a spider and its web, ( or in this case a cigarette (nicotine) in a web)  more on that analogy later on.  So what is everyone elses solution to how you stop smoking?????  Either give the brain no nicotine so you have cravings, mood swings, eat as an alternative, etc to the point where those around you insist you start smoking again or the alternative feed the brain small doses of nicotine with patches, sprays or gum and keep the addiction going, ohhhhhhhh yeah, that's sensible...NOT.....There has to be an easier way and there is. Pseudo Smoking.


Why is this so??  For some unknown reason, I'm also guilty as charged, smokers believe the spin from advertisers.   Even if its obvious that if common sense prevailed, its plain to see their solutions solve nothing at all, except to reinforce the myth via "experts" that quitting smoking is difficult to do.  I have seen the light, the simplest solutions are the best.  What is simpler than a method that does not allow cigarette smoke to get to your lungs and you can still otherwise enjoy a cigarette, if and when you feel the need to have one AND because you get the nicotine from the smoke that you draw into your "mouth ONLY' acts as a nicotine replacement therapy product by itself, you have no withdrawal either.  HOW COOL IS THAT.  NO GUILT REQUIRED.  In one action you remove the fast nicotine hit and the anxiety of not having cigarettes handy when you feel you need one, especially in the first couple of weeks when any withdrawal effects may happen.  By doing just this, over time you won't need to smoke at all.  This is what Pseudo Smoking can do for you.


Pseudo smoking could easily stick it up those that have unfairly criticized, berated, belittled, sneered at and profited massively from our unfortunate, legal nicotine addiction/smoking habit.  We've been F&%$@! over by governments and their extreme excises ever since they decided luxuries ( tobacco and alcohol ) the less financial could indulge in, should make them billions a year in excise/tax revenue. For good reason they have done nothing of value to assist in helping us stop an addiction they only recently say is bad. $7 Billion a year and ever rising from tobacco related products, despite falling numbers of smokers in this country. When the stronger and/or financially able have managed to quit (VERY WELL DONE ) they have hit us again and again to keep their extraordinary largely hidden revenue from smokers constant.  Its not going to get cheaper people. Do yourselves a favour. Become a Pseudo Smoker to quit smoking.


                         Worth a look===>                                                                                      Scary stuff indeed



                               Now you know why I have gone to this effort for you.  Help yourself, they won't.


                                           Ok horseys, I've led you to the water, Are you THIRSTY?





                                                                                  Social Change 


          Gullability, the fad for the 21st century it seems, are we really?  Being told over and over again by all forms of media, making us believe, it beats having to think for ourselves.  Common sense is ceasing to have a place in our normal day to day lives.  I am beginning to think there really is something to that, advertisers certainly believe it to be so.  Social change is increasing.  It affects us all, mainly to do with health, another cash cow,  If its deemed healthy add 20%+  to the price, another strange coincidence? With pressure to quit smoking, reduce drinking alcohol , eat more healthy food, free range eggs over cage eggs and more and more.  Even our beloved fast food outlets have to offer healthy alternatives, another smoke screen we fall for, they sell JUNK food, the healthy stuff you DON'T buy is for you to have a crutch so you don't feel guilty eating your burger, chips and soft drink and gets the health lobby off their backs, it works.  The list grows and we are the ones ultimately paying for it.  I am certainly not against any of the changes where better health is concerned.  What I am against are the methods used which are more about making money and keep the lobbyists at bay than actually having us do these things for the real health benefits implied.


 My interest is in smokers and how to easily quit smoking by pseudo smoking.  My method should catch on for some damned good reasons, NOT SPIN, the least of which is Pseudo Smoking  actually works and to find a method or product to help you decrease permanently or quit smoking, that is more cost vs benefit effective, won't be possible.  Pseudo Smoking has no marketing appeal as there is nothing really tangible to sell aside from the method of Pseudo Smoking itself    AND    the information is available here on my site for EVERYONE. Its aimed primarily at the least financially able of us, to aid them to quit smoking without any extra cost or impositions and wastes of time and effort.  We're smokers, not something nasty stuck to the bottom of a shoe.  We still deserve respect and some honesty would be a nice change.  If any advertisers, government departments or health lobbies are truly interested in our real health over profits, actions speak our language, Not just talk which is all hot air and no substance, Not new gimmicks for companies and advertisers to exploit. Make it real, I have.


Ohhhhhhhh and this stuff is worth another page all of their own, I'll do one at some stage, here's a taste...The study(s) that came up with the idea that small regular price rises of cigarettes actively encourages more people to quit is the biggest load of $%&@ I have ever heard.  ANY extra expense to the household budget puts pressure on.  The mortgage/rent, driving your car, having a beer, participating in sport, buying shoes, feeding the kids, buying healthy food vs cheaper processed foods, NOT just smoking, so pick one or more.... 12.5 % over 4 years?, Only because the truth really is most will keep finding that bit extra from somewhere to continue smoking due to the nicotine that you seem quite happy to keep us addicted to with patches, sprays and gum even if we do try to quit your way.  Be ballsy government...if you're serious...25% -  50% straight up every that would stop people smoking dead in their tracks,  fortunately my method of Pseudo Smoking would truly be of help there.  Our health IS more important than your tobacco excise revenue isn't it?


I love press releases like ones on the site below :-.  I have yet to see any health initiatives for smokers that have not cost us even more money frankly.  If this is the best they can come up with......conned is an understatement.  Good for a giggle though. Do they actually pay researchers/people to come up with stuff like this?  This must be our tobacco tax increases at work...LOL  No brainers like these gems



Do people want an increase to tobacco tax?

While the tax increase on tobacco may not be popular with everyone, results from Australian public opinion polls and surveys show that a majority of people support increases to tobacco tax, especially if the revenue is diverted into smoking cessation and health initiatives.                       I'd think     ONLY  ^^^^^^^^^^^  They unfortunately forgot to mention the %age of actual smokers that were in these survey results :- can't be relevant????


Can an increase in tax really reduce smoking prevalence?

Research conducted in a number of countries, including Australia, shows that when a tobacco tax increase occurs, the number of people quitting smoking and seeking help to quit smoking increases. In addition, there is evidence that people from lower socio-economic groups may be more likely to quit smoking as a result of tax increases..   DUH  Rooly?????  ANY price rises do that me thinks......To smoke or do the kids get to eat....hmmmmmmmm   tuff choice?.......While you're there check out the quit smoking this the best they can come up with in the last 15 years since smoking became very unfashionable and BILLIONS of dollars received in revenue from smokers??  You fortunate people have my Pseudo Smoking method now though, and I didn't get a cent to come up with it......awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww   LOL


These days its really tough being a smoker, being treated like a virtual leper and right royally fleeced financially with tax and excise.

As part of this I wondered, if its so bad then why is quitting made out to be so difficult in the first place?  Quit smoking advertising definitely works against itself.  Self defeating in so many ways to encourage and promote the difficult aspects of quitting smoking.  They then cheerfully want you to buy a nicotine hit usually.  MORE NICOTINE?  from a different source? to help you quit?    This is UNLIKE any other form of advertising that always focus on the the ease of use, the benefits, and NEVER, EVER  the poorer points.

Everything I came up with kept centering on one thing........MONEY

The tobacco industry and the alcohol industry are a cash cow, a massive one for????  You're on the internet, go and amaze yourself who makes the money and just how much money that is...Button to website above.............I'll start you off, on one pack of cigarettes, the tax component in Australia is in excess of 60% of the retail price.  Many other countries have a higher rate.  From just me smoking so much less now ( you can too, by PseudoSmoking) in effect costs my government $90.00 pw in lost taxation revenue.  Draw your own conclusions from that.................All I know is that money I am saving is far better spent on my families needs than going into government coffers.

Cost of petrol, electricity and food rising astronomically over recent times, let alone tobacco and alcohol products, with real wages not keeping up ( family budget deficit ) meant something had to be done.  


                                                  My smoking habit/nicotine addiction needed to be pruned


                                                                                 THIS IS THE RESULT

                                                                                      PSEUDO SMOKING WAS BORN


                            Nothing perceived as being so difficult should be as easily solved as this, but quitting smoking now IS

                                   applying a remarkably simple solution, PSEUDO SMOKING..........



          Basically if you can drink water from a suitable container you can reduce, stop or quit smoking for good ( the choice is entirely yours) with none of the drawbacks of other methods (that I am currently aware of )

                  This is a method that I initially found by luck, then developed it with trial and error and refined it so that pseudo smoking has worked an absolute treat for ME, far exceeding any expectations I may have had at the beginning.  I had NO intention of quitting smoking at all as I really do enjoy a cigarette, just aimed to reduce the number I smoked to save some money ( WOW, did I ever )..  So to have reduced from 40+ per day to between 0 and 5 per day ( completely by my choice, no longer any craving or need WITHOUT withdrawal symptoms )  was to my complete amazement.  For me, in Australia that's a $ saving of around $150.00 per week.  I am sharing this in the hope it may assist others in reducing their smoking habit to whatever level they wish it to be up to and hopefully including completely stopped.  Please remember this is costing you nothing extra aside from some effort and concentration on your behalf, and without most of the pitfalls.  If you choose to make a donation it will be due to my method enabling you to spend far less on cigarettes if anything at all.  For an even moderate smoker this is around $5000 per year saving, so a not unreasonable request.


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