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Here is how you do it

         First a short explanation.  Regardless of the method to quit smoking you choose there is NO fast method.  If you are being told there is you are being lied to.  Even my very easy method takes time for good reason.  Quitting smoking is FAR more involved than just hoping to not smoke a cigarette ever again and that's that.


                                                                                                           Press to find out


As you read on you'll see what I mean.  Cold turkey ( in my opinion ) to quit smoking is a very low percentage option as it relies entirely on strength of will to overcome a nicotine addiction and an extremely strong situational habit that takes months to overcome completely.  An analogy is that nicotine is the spider in a web, even when the spider is gone the web still has the potential to catch flies until all the strands are broken.  Methods, not cold turkey, that involve replacing the nicotine from a cigarette with another form, that is reduced but constant, is insane.  Nicotine is the constant hook, and is the first thing that needs to be eliminated ( think dead spider) Neither method solves the hand to mouth actions either or the situational habit issues which are HIGHLY under rated ( think spider web ). There are one or two that try and possibly do work, but really??? Battery powered, flavoured fake ciggies???......Only one method does everything you need and you already do it.  Yes, you continue to smoke, with REAL cigarettes but with a difference in how you actually do so.


        YES, I KNOW MANY WILL NOT AGREE, If the "facts" (normal methods) the doubters believe in worked well though, this site would NOT exist.  I would never have tried this way, I would have stopped smoking myself years ago.  I would be as sceptical as you are if I had not done this myself.  Read on, you will learn something.


       Makes sense though doesn't it? but something has to change and what we are going to change is HOW you smoke and how much nicotine reaches your lungs and therefore your brain.  To do this, first you need to change just one automatic learned habit to do exactly the opposite, once you can do that completely automatically, ( a minimum of 2 months) smoking now becomes voluntary, a choice.  Not an addiction or a habit and it naturally follows, over time, you will no longer have any need to smoke and therefore can just stop whenever you feel comfortable to do so.

Your nicotine addiction/situational habit as my analogy, the spider/cigarette(nicotine) really is insignificant in the big picture.  First step, lose the spider ( the nicotine )

           Yes, you do continue to smoke/pseudo smoke for a period of months.  You will learn my technique, I call it pseudo smoking. The first phase is to be rid of the nicotine addiction ( the spider ) and from there get on with the real problem, the situational addiction to smoking ( the spider web ).  The difference between my method and others is, in spite of continuing to smoke you will improve your lungs and general health. You will reduce your nicotine levels naturally ( nicotine absorbtion via the mucous membranes in the mouth is many orders of magnitude less than via the lungs)  leading to having no need of cigarettes at all in a few months if YOU so choose. VERY LITTLE or NO WITHDRAWAL.....have to be happy about that.


    A couple of points to remember .  You are not giving up smoking in the "normal" manner so you do not have any chance of the stigma of failing to quit smoking has.  If you use a cigarette to be social, to cope with boredom, to escape situations, pressure or as an excuse, you don't also lose that.  You can carry cigarettes around with you so you don't have the stress of not having them handy if you feel the need for one to pseudo smoke.  If someone notices you are smoking less,  smile and tell them you are choosing to smoke less or choosing not to smoke.  There is NO down side to my method.  There are no time limits but you do need to move forward when you feel you are able in order to get past the nicotine addiction ( the easy bit) in the first 2 or 3 weeks and onto dealing with situational habitual smoking which will take time. (Why most people fail using "normal" methods)


**********   "Pseudo smoking" in no way stops or prevents the proven risk of cancer, respiratory or other health problems commonly associated with smoking tobacco related products.  I do not endorse anyone continuing to smoke.  They do so at their own risk and it is my hope that by using my method many people can easily quit smoking completely if and when they choose to do so sooner rather than never. ***********



NB  : -  the actual time line between steps may vary as it is literally one stage at a time after step 4 , everyone goes at their own pace and moves on when they are comfortable.  No more than a week longer than estimated or truth is you aren't trying, some effort is involved. To succeed you must reach step 9. This should take NO LONGER than 6 weeks.   You CAN'T skip steps and realistically succeed.  If you are hoping to quit smoking in a week my method is NOT for you. The aim is step 9 in a month and then over the following next 3-6 months tearing down the web the nicotine spider made. You will only then be in a position to completely quit smoking whenever you like.  The method described below suits an average smoker of around 30 - 50 cigarettes a day, the length of time till you can comfortably choose to quit smoking will vary from person to person, and for how long they have been smoking in their lives. eg this basically describes me, a 35 year addiction/habit and if my aim was to quit smoking entirely I could comfortable do so now after only 6 months Pseudo Smoking.    Its a wonderful feeling knowing you now have COMPLETE control over something you never ever thought you could. What little real effort my method requires (CONCENTRATING ON JUST HOW YOU SMOKE, EVERY CIGARETTE YOU SMOKE) is just sooooooooooooooo worth it.  Good luck


I am not a social media oriented person.  It is not important to me if you "like" me on facebook, "+1" me on google or "follow" me on twitter. What IS important to me is that if you are looking to very easily quit smoking you take the time to read the content of this website and give my method of Pseudo Smoking a decent go.  When its of benefit to you, (it will be) tell all of your friends on your social media network about my site and prove you really do "like " them.

                                                    NOT NEGOTIABLE

Pseudosmoking REQUIRES concentration to learn.  If you are not going to, or are unable to concentrate on how you breathe IN before you take EVERY drag while you PseudoSomoke your cigarette, this method will NOT work for you.  You must NEVER hold the cigarette in your lips while you do something else with your hands, or while your concentration is distracted.  Put it out or put it down.  Its a very small sacrifice for the gain.


                                                    MY METHOD


                              No longer shall the tail be wagging the dog, regaining control starts here!



To show you my method. You will use a glass of water and your cigarettes. Sit comfortably and light your cigarette. What you do next requires you to concentrate on how you actually breathe, just before you drink a glass of water and how you breathe, just before you take a drag of your cigarette




Pick up your glass of water and go to drink at least half. Just before you drink, you will have noticed that you automatically take a breath. The size of the breath commensurate with the amount of liquid you intend to swallow. 




Now put the cigarette to your lips to take a drag.  If you were concentrating you will have noticed that you are automatically breathing out just before taking a drag, you then drag on the cigarette, and only then inhale the smoke into your mouth and then down to your lungs.


STEP 4  :-  Please read this step over and over until you truly understand it. 


Change the habit.   All YOU have to do is from now on is CONCENTRATE and change your automatic habit when taking a drag of your smoke, from breathing OUT just before you take a drag, to breathing IN **BEFORE** you take that drag.  Just a standard, normal, easy breath in.  From here you are holding your breath until you breath out. ( the same as when you have a drink of water )  Take a drag, 2-3 seconds worth and hold the smoke in your mouth for 5 to 10 seconds then exhale.  You do NOT attempt to inhale that drag back into your lungs, you should not be able to in any case, which is why this method WORKS so well.  Not so difficult really.  This method of taking a drag, for clarity, will be called a pseudo drag as it relates how you will only be smoking in a few weeks. Pseudo smoking.



IMPORTANT. You should NOT have been able to take the smoke down to your lungs even if you wanted to, if you have done this right.  If you can, you need to take a bigger breath in before you take a drag of your cigarette.  I found taking an average breath around 90% capacity before taking a drag of your cigarette is about right.  If you need to practice the technique more without a cigarette, read step 4 and use you glass of water to learn how you breathe when taking a drink as this is the key for all that follows.....




                                                      The Process



First drag of a new cigarette for now.  This first drag is an entirely normal one, complete with drawback.  Your first drag is important to you.  If you don't have it for the first 2 - 3 weeks  you will NOT succeed. There are no hard and fast time tables, you progress to the next step ONLY when you are ready. It satisfies your initial craving for the cigarette ( the nicotine addiction ) while the next couple of steps of my method weans you off this reliance to nicotine without you being aware of it.  *** Please don't go nuts with huge drags and holding it in as long as you possibly can, there is no need and it only prolongs the whole process.  Trust me...I know.  Just a standard drag with drawback to take the edge off is all that you will need. 




Concentration while smoking.  This can't be stressed enough!!!!, Please make the time to make the cigarette you are about to smoke an object of adoration, worthy of your time and fully enjoy the experience as much as you can over the next few moments. It is soooooooooooooo worth it... If you don't you WILL stuff up on a semi regular basis and you are just wasting your time. You MUST concentrate on what you are doing for at least the first couple of months. Your first RULE is, immediately after your first full normal drag with drawback is done ( see step 5), for all following drags put your cigarette out IF you took the smoke down into your lungs........Inadvertant drags to your lungs are YOU not concentrating.........smoko this time is now over. Get over it, move on, you'll do better next time, but the cigarette now must be put out. This MUST to be done.  Otherwise pseudo smoke as much as you feel like making sure you take a fairly full breath in BEFORE you take that drag.   Always finish your cigarette with a full normal drag with drawback  Remember- at this point only a total of 2 normal drags with drawback constitute a completed smoke, pseudo drags make up the rest inbetween them and are permitted until step 9.  So it should be, normal drag, pseudo drag, pseudo drag, etc. . . . . . . . .  and finally normal drag and put the cigarette out appropriately. Or it could be normal drag, normal drag, cigarette out....please concentrate.




A week goes by. Can be longer, your choice. Are you still concentrating completly on every cigarette you have??? When you feel comfortable with the technique ( step 4 ) and ARE abiding by the first rule already discussed above , ( If not, you must NOT continue until you can ) you can move on and begin reducing the time you spend actually smoking by finishing your cigarette in the now usual way ( normal drag ) but only half way through, by extinguishing your cigarette in an appropriate manner immediately after, that is neither harmful to you or your surrounds. Keep the unused half for the next time you feel the need to light up.





Now we're getting serious. 2 - 3 weeks in and now you should have no need for that initial full drag. If this isn't so stay at previous step until you feel comfortable doing so. Our RULE now alters to ANY drag that reaches your lungs requires you to put your cigarette out even if it is the very first when you light up. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You will know when you are ready for the step 9 when you can go outside ( I am assuming you don't smoke inside ) for your morning cigarette and you no longer need it, you just want it.  There is a massive difference.  To test, go out for the morning smoke and simply don't light it, stay out there for a few minutes and enjoy the morning light and back inside and on with your other morning rituals.  If doing this makes you agitated or anxious in any way, do NOT move on. Its an important step.  Its severing the web where the nicotine has its roots.  Please check again before moving on that you have the technique ( at step 4 ) absolutely right and that you are concentrating completely on how you are smoking every drag of every cigarette.





Finally to where you need to be. Once you're comfortable with only the one full normal drag per your half cigarette ration you can move on to having NO drag to reach your lungs at all, NO EXCEPTIONS.  You are now totally pseudo smoking only.  Congratulations.  


You may find that when you do stop having any drag reach your lungs and 100% PseudoSmoke you feel the urge to smoke more.  This is a bit of a panic attack between your decision to PseudoSmoke only now and your fear of doing so.  It lasted about a day for me and I 100% PseudoSmoked about twice the number of cigarettes I had been the day before. Note I said PseudoSmoked.  I had made my decision and simply stuck to it.  The following day I was back to the small number of cigarettes of the days previous.  After this I settled down and was perfectly happy PseudoSmoking until I felt I had overcome all of the strong trigger situations to light up and one day      ....     just stopped smoking.



Having reached this step you should be already smoking considerably less than you were a few weeks ago, please consider a donation as it is the right thing to do.











How can this be working?


  None of you are smoking now for the nicotine buzzzz you used to experience when you first began, years ago.  If you think you're doing my technique and you are then you aren't pseudo smoking anymore, smoke is reaching your lungs and you need to revisit step 4. This works because you associate that tobacco taste in the back of your mouth/throat with smoking. It explains why you feel like a smoke after eating or drinking also as that taste/feeling disappears.  With my method you retain that tobacco effect without the smoke reaching your lungs, you will have no nicotine addiction now so absolutely no need for any smoke to go to your lungs. The ONLY purpose of the draw back was to deliver nicotine efficiently to your brain.  If you are pseudo smoking properly,  this fail safes any unconscious inclination to do the draw back and is why it works so effectively.  As there is negligable nicotine getting into your system when you pseudo smoke there is no longer an association with an event, smoking and nicotine.  If you choose to smoke in these situations its because you want to, not due to any thing else.  It is also why you need to hold the cigarette smoke in your mouth for a longer period of time now when you do pseudo smoke , so this effect is maximized.  If you aren't, at least initially you will feel like a cigarette more often than you should be. 


Into the future


There is an up side. As you will no longer be taking a drag that reaches your lungs at all, the amount of a cigarette you pseudo smoke is no longer restricted.  It won't matter, as you will be ( hopefully) pleasantly surprised that you don't feel like more than a couple of drags now at the most and the situations when you choose to smoke will also be markedly reduced as quite frankly, over time you just won't feel any need or want to.  It will surprise you, well it did me, when I realised that I was not having my morning smoke.  I'd get up, make my coffee and breakfast and it is often after lunch before I even think about a cigarette.  Over time, the situations in which you feel the need or want to smoke, will reduce until you can simply stop smoking completely without any more effort on your part. This is what pseudo smoking is all about. Whatever your reasons may be, you now have options.


17/05/2014  Update :- I no longer smoke at all at home.  Well unless the mrs has really $&*#@ annoyed me...LOL  I now pseudosmoke an occasional cigarette as an enjoyable luxury,  when I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy it with a very good port.  Life without nicotine is good.  No cigarette smoke reaching my lungs means I breathe far better and I have my sense of smell again (see blog ).  I truly wish I'd figured this out many years ago.  Good luck, its definitely something to look forward to.


1/1/2015 Further update  :- I no longer smoke at all, done and dusted.  Pseudo smoking to quit smoking was so easy its no wonder people are sceptical.  According to the experts its meant to be difficult.  Once I learned the technique enough for it to be 100% automatic it was just a matter of time before I stopped smoking completely.  For the last 12 months I had been smoking purely for the enjoyment that I got from smoking itself.  It got so it was a conscious effort to go and have a cigarette.  Once your taste and smell come back to you, cigarettes are no longer as appealing and it is inevitable that you will just stop smoking at some point, as I have done.  I smoked for far longer than I needed to in order to completely test that pseudosmoking was indeed a long term/permanent solution and even in that time, I at times pseudosmoked a few more in a day than usual that was purely down to situational circumstance.  There was never once that I had a care that I may start smoking more heavily again.  The nicotine is the hook and the line and the sinker.  If you don't take the cigarette smoke into your lungs ( or replace it with gum, patches or other sources of nicotine) you WILL stop smoking.  The pseudosmoking method gives you the way to easily ensure you do.





                                                                          *******    Choice    ******



I don't know about you, I'm sure you'll let me know, but I know my method of PseudoSmoking allows you to EASILY QUIT SMOKING, more so than any other method out there.  Speaking for myself, once I learned the pseudo smoking technique properly I was largely unaware of how much I had actually reduced my smoking in a short amount of time.


If you (like me) still enjoy smoking and you intend to keep smoking at a greatly reduced quantity, don't just smoke...........PSEUDO SMOKE, I promise you'll smoke less and less over time even if you aren't trying to.


Then when you do wish to stop you just ............ can  .............JOBS DONE




                                    If you have to smoke Pseudo Smoke so you can easily quit smoking.




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Once the spider is gone there is a huge number of spider web segments to break, this is what takes the time, to break all of the situational links to having a cigarette.

After a couple of  weeks pseudo smoking only you will begin to have no need to smoke in some situations.

After a couple of months by continuing to pseudo smoke, those situations where you need to smoke become far fewer at an ever quickening rate.

Soon those instances where you need to smoke become very few due to pseudo smoking it is now a choice for you whether you wish to continue to smoke or not at all with no effort.

6 months in and this is where I am, I have zero need to smoke and still pseudo smoke when I choose to.  I have smoked between 0 and 5 cigarettes a day now for 2 months with absolutely no inclination for that number to increase. I am perfectly happy pseudo smoking, I get all of the benefits from smoking that I used to by the traditional method, taste, it still relaxes me and helps me think, especially with concentration (strange that) with the exception that I have zero need for nicotine or to even smoke at all.  With my method I have acheived everything I have wanted from it. In my case, freedom of choice and saving money.  As a bonus I have better health, more energy, far fitter, and my teeth are becoming white again.  It really is THE way to EASILY QUIT SMOKING by PSEUDO SMOKING

The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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