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         Initially it will take some getting used to and may possibly become frustrating.  Continue to re-read my method step by step to ensure you have the basic ideas correct.  I'm sure that when you first learned to tie your own shoelaces it wasn't quite as easy as it first looked, but with practice its now second nature to you.  Step 4 IS CRITICAL, without mastering it, my method cannot work for you.  You will be changing a habit to the exact OPPOSITE action , this will take time and concentration, but is not difficult.


        There will be debate over whether you should carry your cigarettes with you.  I personally believe you should ( especially after step 8 and you are fully pseudo smoking only ),  as to break the web strands as they come up you need to be able to make a conscious decision, to have a cigarette or not.  If you don't have cigarettes with you at the time its not a choice.  If you automatically take out a cigarette out in a given situation and then make a decision not to smoke it because you actually don't need or want it, that is success. Each new situation gets easier and easier as your nicotine addiction reduces to zero over the first couple of weeks. 


        When you start you know how many per day you smoke.  Each day you put that number PLUS 2 in your pack.    We don't need anxiety over running out of cigarettes spoiling our day.  This is your DAILY BUDGET.  At the end of each day you will find you have more and more cigarettes left over.  For example  -  you normally smoke 30 in a typical day.  You make up a pack of 32 cigarettes for the day.  Using my method you will smoke less, especially when you move to step 7 after a week, when you should realistically only be smoking no more than 20 plus 2 in a day and less over time, so only 22 cigarettes in your daily pack. Good pick up if you thought 13-15 plus 2 at step 7, you will find however for the first couple of days of this step you will possibly smoke a little more often.  You're still in the nicotine weaning off process at this point remember.  I personally sucked it up and reduced the budgeted number to half ( in my case to 22) with no great hardship.  Its a nice feeling making your cigarette packet budget up for the day and having 3 or more cigarettes still there from the previous day.  When you have more than this consistantly, reduce the daily budget accordingly.  You are trying to quit smoking.  You need to play this game by the rules.


         Please, PLEASE don't cheat and inhale smoke into your lungs more than suggested, as you are only cheating yourself and YOU WILL FAIL!!!   Without question you won't blame yourself when you are unable to succeed as that is human nature.  If I can do this without wanting to quit at all then you have no excuse whatsoever not to succeed.  If you continue to cheat and eventually fail, you'll blame a perfectly good method that if you follow the procedure as detailed, WILL allow you to quit smoking easily.  Far, far  more easily than any other method out there.  I smoke <10% of what I used to by using this method and that just happened as a by product of pseudo smoking.  I was aiming for a 20-30% reduction to save a few bucks, not 90 - 95%.  It was never my intent as I really enjoy a cigarette but at the same time perfectly happy with the result.  As is my doctor. ( He would really like me to completely quit though ) NOTE, I am now a 100% non smoker thanks entirely to PseudoSmoking.


         I did find after a time, when my lungs could begin to repair themselves somewhat, that I needed to see my doctor for some medication to relieve chest congestion.  This was from excessive mucous from previously blocked sections in my lungs which at times was quite difficult to shift..  As you are no longer taking any smoke from cigarettes into your lungs this should naturally occur.


I am not a social media oriented person.  It is not important to me if you "like" me on facebook, "+1" me on google or "follow" me on twitter. What IS important to me is that if you are looking to very easily quit smoking you take the time to read the content of this website and give my method of Pseudo Smoking a decent go.  When its of benefit to you, (it will be) tell all of your friends on your social media network about my site and prove you really do "like " them.








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**********   "Pseudo smoking" in no way stops or prevents the proven risk of cancer, respiratory or other health problems commonly associated with smoking tobacco related products.  I do not endorse anyone continuing to smoke.  They do so at their own risk and it is my hope that by using my method many people can easily quit smoking completely if and when they choose to do so. ***********


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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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