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                              CAN'T QUIT SMOKING?


                                                             You will soon be able to change that.

        This is what those with vested financial interests don't want you to know.






                             You CAN quit smoking AND its ridiculously easy.



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        M method is unlike ANY other you will have come across. 

                   If the cigarette smoke can't reach your lungs you WILL easily lose your addiction to nicotine.  Not so "HARD" part done.

                   From 3-4 weeks on,  you are simply losing your situational habit of smoking, and that just takes time.

                   I call my method PseudoSmoking, its entirely due to its simplicity that it is so effective. 


                   To pseudo smoke you need just 3 things AND to forget ALL of what you think you know about quitting smoking.


                   You need just a glass of water, a cigarette and to read


                   The science exists that shows why PseudoSmoking works so well, It also shows why cold turkey, with OR without                                nicotine replacement therapies,  are made completely OBSOLETE by the PseudoSmoking method.


                   The new page  SCIENCE LESSONS                                                           has been built.  Enjoy the reading.  I did


                   It really is that simple, so simple you may initially dismiss it out of hand, and that would be a shame,


                   If you do, you will have to do the relapse shuffle with all of those methods that have continually failed you in the past.


                   All of those methods that the kind advertising people told you would work for you, IF you bought their product.


                   All of those methods that were doomed to fail as the intention was never for you to be able to easily quit smoking.


                   There is far too much money involved for them to want you to be able to easily quit smoking.


                     If you PseudoSmoke you will greatly reduce the number you smoke, EVEN if you aren't trying to.


                   If you PseudoSmoke, you WILL be able to easily quit smoking.


                   Eureka moments don't happen often, but I realised just how easy and  effective being a PseudoSmoker is


                   And how we are so easily manipulated into believing that becoming a nonsmoker is so difficult in the first place.


                   It truly sucks when you fail to see the wood, because of all the damned trees.






















































Pseudo Smoke and save, pseudo smoking,

With governments around the world raising excise and taxes on tobacco products to extraordinary levels, it really is time to seriously consider quitting smoking.  Its a huge step for anyone who has smoked for any length of time. It was for me, at some stage it simply must be taken.   Fortunately my method of Pseudo Smoking is nearly painless and stress free in how you reduce the amount you smoke, almost without you realising it.  It has only one flaw in that you have to concentrate fully on what you are smoking while you are enjoying pseudo smoking it.  That flaw is also a great benefit as you must make the time to have your cigarette, not just smoke on a whim or while otherwise occupied. Please try Pseudo Smoking.  It will be the best investment of your time you will make, for the benefit of the rest of your life, health and lifestyle.



                                                                                                                                                 => How to ====>                                                                                                                                                                                           




                                                               Why this?===>>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I'm not selling anything 




                                                                                               There is nothing to buy                                                                                     




                                                                         I do have on going costs and you may wish to contribute


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Its common knowledge and you'll see it everywhere on the internet, that quitting smoking by the cold turkey method is the most successful way.  At 75% of the total number of quitters per year, with the average number of attempts being around 7-12 before success.  This is with or without expensive nicotine replacement therapies.  That is OUTRAGEOUS.  The claims of numbers of actual quitting smokers of 12 months or more dutration is also VERY misleading by the " we'll help you to quit smoking" pages as it is smokers as a percentage of total population.  The results claimed don't happen to mention that it is at least 50% or even more, due to population growth AND people not taking up smoking in the first place or actually dying that help those statistics.  Which ISN'T helping those that wish to actually quit smoking, is it?   Another reason why PseudoSmoking needs to be known about.


My aim with PseudoSmoking is for that to be turned completely on its head and the success rate be 75% AND in the FIRST attempt with none of the reasons cold turkey fails so oftenDue to its very nature, once learned, its close to relapse proof. PseudoSmoking addresses all of these very, very simply.  You don't have to do it hard anymore.  There is now PseudoSmoking.  Are you a masochist = cold turkey or do you simply want to be off the ciggies?  PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking. I DID.  You'll be glad you chose to.


Smokers believe the spin from advertisers, even if its obvious that if common sense prevailed its plain to see their solutions solve nothing at all.  They merely serve to reinforce the myth that quitting smoking is difficult to do and to relieve you of even MORE of your hard earned for unsurprisingly little result or WORSE, make you feel you can't quit because you can't afford the products "needed" to succeed.  I have seen the light, the simplest solutions are the best. What is simpler than an easy method  (not a product ) that does not allow cigarette smoke to get to your lungs and you can still otherwise enjoy a cigarette, if and when you feel the need to have one.  In one action you remove nicotine and the anxiety of not having cigarettes handy when you feel you need one, especially in the first couple of weeks.


                                  By doing just this===> Pseudo Smoking  

                                                                       over time you won't need to smoke at all. 


                                                I've led you to the water, its up to you how thirsty you are.

























If you don't feel PseudoSmoking is your cup of tea, that's great, I wish you every success in your efforts.  Please visit my contact page and let me know your thoughts before you go.  Thank you.  The next best method for you I suggest is cold turkey in that case.  I am against cold turkey, that is because its a very low percentage success rate and EXPECTED multiple relapse method, BUT it has the runs on the board and if you believe it is for you then here is a link to the BEST site I have found as they, like me, do not believe in NRT's.   For those that want to know more about cold turkey methods. 




  This link  takes you to a webpage where I also agree with most of the views expressed therein regarding the Australian government and its dubious ways to help people quit smoking.










My name is Allan Powell.  I live in Australia, am 54 years old and have 2 sons.  I am a blue collar worker, in a low to middle class income.  I, like my PseudoSmoking method, stand alone.  I have no affiliations to business,  associations or charities either on the internet or otherwise.  I made, at my own expense ( from money I have saved by pseudo smoking ), this site for the benefit of those needing a very easy way to quit smoking, with minimal effort or expense.  It is very basic, intentionally so.  The number one reason PseudoSmoking  DOES work is because it is 100% bare bones basic, no padding of any description because NONE is required.  For some reason, if something is offered for next to nothing, the first thought for most is there has to be something wrong with it.  If that is the way you are thinking here, you are really missing out on something special.  I've done my bit, its up to you now.   Good luck.  


This site is not intended for the financially well off,  I haven't done this for personal financial gain,   ergo the lack of pretty pictures, advertising, false and misleading claims,  etc.......they have the financial means to quit smoking the way advertisers intend it, with expense, the hard way and ultimately, doomed to fail again and again.......  

Now if only I could make losing weight this easy...with very little dieting or exercise hmmmmmm, then flog it to the rich.....


I am not a social media oriented person. It is not important to me if you "like" me on facebook, "+1" me on google or "follow" me on twitter. What IS important to me is that if you are looking to very easily quit smoking you take the time to read the content of this website and give my method of PseudoSmoking a decent go. When it IS of benefit to you, (it will be) tell all of your friends on your social media network about my site and prove you really do "like " them.



                                                          If you have to smoke    PSEUDOSMOKE    so you CAN easily quit



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