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I have made this website as everyone seems hell bent on obliterating the poor smokers self esteem.  People can't be racist, biggots, sexist, bullies or otherwise discriminatory in any way to others anymore.  They can it seems , however, feel free to target, discriminate against and belittle smokers in any way they choose in order to continually rip them off by way of increased excises, taxes, restricting where they can smoke, fines and very dubious aids  to "help"  them quit smoking. 


Can ANYONE explain to me how a person trying to give up smoking cold turkey will benefit from the insane idea of a belt of nicotine by way of a patch or oral spray that costs as much or more than the cigarettes they are trying to stop using?  Sort of defeats the purpose don't you think?????   LOL  But yes, many are duped into thinking it may be helpful and due to desperation, hand over their hard earned cash for these products.  Good news is with PseudoSmoking none of that applies.  More good news, there is a lot more cynicism throughout this site.  It wasn't so long ago that smoking was something everyone did and no-one batted an eye over it.  Now we're treated like a lepers.  Want to change that?


I ask you to at least TRY my method.  It may not be for you. but it also just may be what you have been waiting for.  It was for me.  I have done the hard work so you don't have to.  Keep it simple stupid was something my father always told me to do, I was far too clever though wasn't I?  I'm no longer clever, just wiser...Thanks Dad.  R.I.P.


Please note:- I stopped smoking in any form as of 1/1/2015. I first developed PseudoSmoking in Oct 2013,  This site began in Feb 2014.


 I still occasionally smoke, I have absolutely no need to anymore.  For me it is now a treat, a cigarette is something to enjoy, savour and adore like a fine wine, port or beautiful woman ( my wife of course ) and the best bit is I have zero fear of wanting to smoke in any other way than to PseudoSmoke a cigarette.  I no longer have an addiction to nicotine at all, I no longer have any situational associations to cigarettes.  If and when I choose to have one, I simply have one,  BUT it is PseudoSmoked.  


    There are no advertisements on my site,  I have no interest in ANYONE making any money from advertising on my website, especially ones that are NOT known about let alone ones not endorsed by me.  They are a pet hate of mine, seriously annoying and deceptive.  I use and recommend you install these free apps to your browser to ensure you get ONLY the content you wish to see:--- Ghostery and Adblockplus.



 Note, please allow google analytics through the blocking as that is beneficial to me so I know how and where I need to improve the site in your best interests.  No ads, more control and the ability to monitor site traffic were the ONLY reasons for me to purchase the websites.  Thank you. 


Ps...If I didn't become a pseudosmoker I wouldn't have felt the need to share this method or been able to afford to do so. It works.

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Time line


October 2013, Started what I now call Pseudosmoking.


December 2013, Remarkable, smoking 10% of what I had been 3 months earlier.


January 2014 So impressed with what I had discovered, began my first web site. 


February 2014 Smoking purely for enjoyment, Pseudo smoking method of course, the odd situations arising where situational habit is still there.  I have always enjoyed smoking.  I have slowed to what I have and still been able to enjoy the a cigarette if and when I want one.  Could easily have stopped by now if that was actually why I began this..My intention was only to save money...Succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.


April 2014 Smoking very occasionally now, 1 - 2 a day, if that


17/05/2014 Update :- I no longer smoke at all at home. Well unless the mrs has really F;*#@ annoyed me...LOL I now pseudo smoke an occasional cigarette as an enjoyable luxury, when I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy it with a very good port.  Life without nicotine is good. I breathe far better and have my sense of smell again (see blog ) I truly wish I'd figured this out many years ago. Good luck, its definitely something to look forward to.



I continued pseudosmoking until late December 2014 to prove that it was completely sustainable.  I came across many more situations where I smoked more than the now usual 0 - 2 , but again only situational episodes and back to 0 - 2 per day without conscious effort.


January 2015  Last half a pseudo smoked cigarette midnight new years eve.  Haven't smoked since, haven't missed them, wanted them.  I do not have any issues around smokers.  I wish I had not believed all of the hype from media and rumour about how difficult it was to quit smoking and worked out this method of Pseudosmoking many years ago.  Cold turkey isn't the answer, nicotine replacement isn't the answer,  PSEUDOSMOKING could very easily be everyone's answer.  It has been for me.


12 months a 100% non smoker in 4 days time at 1/1/2016

PseudoSmoking is the answer.  I enjoyed every cigarette I ever smoked for over 30 years.  I still love the smell of cigarette smoke and despite that, still easily quit smoking by PseudoSmoking.  I have zero inclination to smoke again.  If I can quit without the initial intention of actually doing so, should be bloody easy for you to also.

                                                            SO     WHY    AREN'T    YOU?



There should be no advertisements as the reality is there are no directly associated products to sell as an aside that other methods may require, my method is completely standalone.  Its just you and your cigarettes and a glass of water.  ( The glass of water is for drinking purposes only and the water is perfecly acceptable from a tap. ) Due to costs of up keep of a website, some advertisements however,  may be required at a later time to cover costs.  To prevent this........................... 


          Please make a donation when the information and my pseudo smoking method on this site is helpful to you.











I am not a social media oriented person.  It is not important to me if you "like" me on facebook, "+1" me on google or "follow" me on twitter. What IS important to me is that if you are looking to very easily quit smoking you take the time to read the content of this website and give my method of Pseudo Smoking a decent go.  When its of benefit to you, (it will be) tell all of your friends on your social media network about my site and prove you really do "like " them. 

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