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Quit smoking easily, pseudo smoke and have a choice once more.

Thank you for taking the time at my site. I hope you will find the information here beneficial.

Hi, welcome to my blog. As a first attempt at a web site I'm pretty happy with its result. Thankyou for the wix people, its brilliantly simple to get up and going. Its 99% text but that's ok as there is alot of information to pass on and I'm not an overly creative person with pictures. Its certainly atypical of most sites I think. I like the format though and how its a little disjointed, rehashes issues over and again, different each time though to cater for different levels of understanding. I have used larger text throughout for easier reading, with text in bold where I feel its important to make sure readers take notice. I like to think it has a bit of personality and most of the content is relevant to the topic.

I really believe in my topic, that you can easily quit, cease, stop, reduce, slow down, discontinue, arrest, impede, end, finish, and CHOOSE not to SMOKE. Even the label you want is open to choose here. That is what is really important, I wasn't aware of that until I was in a position to be able to make a choice about smoking. In this world there doesn't seem to be a middle ground, you are for or against, do or don't, yes or no. As for smoking if you want to quit there is either you stop...... and then deal with the issues as they arise as best you can or you continue to smoke. Well that's always been an absurdity endorsed by the masses. I have tried on many occasions, when I felt the need, to try and quit smoking, and failed every time and technically ( for the purists ) even now as I pseudo smoke. I am so glad I have been one to question the norm. Its allowed me to be in a position to choose whether I smoke or not........At this point in time I choose to smoke as there are occasions where a cigarette is just the best thing, its never been about the nicotine buzzzz. Haven't had one of those in 34 years....LOL I'm sure I could now, as no smoke has been in my lungs in months, if it interested me but I get all I need using my method..easily quit smoking by ...pseudo smoking. It is brilliant. It certainly amazed me when I worked out how and how its worked out.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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