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We fear or even dread quitting, you actually don't have to now

I was having a think about what most people who want to quit smoking think about when they are considering it. As I'm not most people, I'll have to talk about how I felt when I have attempted to do so over the years. The feeling I felt the most was DREAD. Its worse than fear as you are anticipating something bad when it hasn't actually happened. The effects of quitting smoking has been well documented by the media and all types of rumour mill, so basically dread makes out every day quitting smoking is going to be 10 times worse than a a dentists needle, or so your mind tells you, good luck with that. Everyone has their own ways of trying to prepare to give up smoking, for me it was and never has been quit smoking, it's always been to choose not to smoke. So I've tried cold turkey, cutting down and then stopping, and many variations of them. I have always thought NRT methods were unbelievably stupid, so never bothered trying them. None have been successful, possibly because I have never really wanted to quit smoking really and cutting back, until now has never been a realistic long term option. So after the dread of deciding to choose not to smoke, when it came to the crunch you leave the cigarettes at home and off to work or the golf course or in the middle of the bay fishing so you have no access to cigarettes and what do you think about?....Yep cigarettes all day. Lets face it cigarettes are our crutch and I happen to enjoy smoking. The ONLY reason I had to come up with some way for me to reduce smoking permanently or in fact quit smoking was the financial costs, possible medical conditions haven't been a motivator. As we all know we will smoke when we can barely breathe, the force is strong within us. From this Pseudo Smoking came to be. If you don't at least try this method you are, very bluntly, a FOOL. Its unbelievably simple and you actually keep smoking but in a particular manner (pseudo smoking) which gets you off nicotine without noticeable withdrawal. With nicotine out of the picture, your need to smoke reduces over time to zero. The situational habit , if you continue to smoke then is ONLY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. Pseudo smoking is the EASY way to quit smoking...IF YOU CHOOSE TO, even if you don't completely quit, by choice ( like me ) and continue pseudo smoking it is doing you less physical harm to your lungs as smoke doesn't reach them. I know that it seems odd to most, to keep smoking in order to quit, but think about it though???? I'm happily amazed with the result.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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