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Seems my method is the only new one about, and it works

I was having a look around various sites also proclaiming to be able to help the smoker easily quit smoking, quit their "dirty filthy habit". As I have said elsewhere within this website, smoking was a very popular thing to be doing not so long ago. Its really only in the last generation that it has become something of a yesterdays fashion accessory. It is a good thing we have become more health conscious, but within this last 25 years since smoking became bad juju, there have been no real steps forward in realistically assisting people to reduce or quit smoking. I will have some fun on that topic in a future post. There are drugs available from you doctor, they can be affective but for my money too many potential side effects. There is hypnosis, great if your a hypnotizable and can afford that. Novelty items, some people are that desperate and of course all of the nice nicotine products available at remarkably similar cost to actual cigarettes to assist you. If you have read my site you will note disdain at any method that endorses you to use nicotine to help??? you quit smoking as I regard the nicotine as the least of the difficulties to get over but the MAJOR part of smoking you need to be rid of, before you have any chance of successfully quitting smoking. I am amazed that situational issues are massively under rated reasons and aside from myself, largely ignored. A major reason why using my own method of pseudo smoking works so effectively.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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