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Are smokers all sheep? Especially when it comes to how to quit smoking

Hello again readers, all 2 of you perhaps?....I went to a website for smokers who had quit smoking forum and asked had any of them thought of quitting smoking while still smoking. Well you'd think I'd asked them to take it back up again with bonus cancer thown in, the vitriol was unbelievable. Apparently what I suggested was impossible, could never work, the only way was cold turkey or with nicotine replacement therapy or any of the tried and proven methods that fail MOST of the time. So for those on that website that had managed to quit smoking via these methods I can understand why their nerves are completely shot to bits. Its wonderful that they have done so though. This obvioulsy means all of the advertising structured to make it even more difficult to easily quit smoking, is working exactly as intended. Advertising largely falls into 2 categories. Those intended to scare the hell out of you with no real solution and "remarkably" the other form that happily informs you that using our product will help you to quit. Who now can't see what they are doing? Have any of you seen any advertising suggesting you do anything other than STOP smoking completely and deal with the consequences, (Hopefully using our "helpful" products ) with nothing new to say. In 20 years of puting the smoker down while cheerfully pocketing the money, the newest thing they have is still nicotine replacement therapy vs cold turkey. Do any of them inform you that quitting smoking need not be as difficult as implied? If they did ( they won't) how many of you are prepared to remove your blinders and see that there really are other alternatives.

My method of pseudo smoking seems unrealistic due to the real fact that you continue to smoke real cigarettes for the duration, ( until you choose to stop smoking completely ) on top of that I tell you that its very easy to quit smoking. Too easy for you to think it worthwhile trying? Too expensive for you? Too scary for you? The reality is it costs you next to nothing, you follow a very simple procedure, you do so at your own pace, NO pressure, because no-one aside from you will even know you are quitting smoking ( unless you tell them ) . The most difficult thing about it after a month, is figuring out what to spend the money you are saving from having the courage to try something new. Pseudo Smoking will become the new "normal" way to easily quit smoking, because it doesn't conform and it also works. Of that I am sure, once people can get their head around the concept and actually try it for themselves.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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