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Time to get cynical about why its made out to be difficult to Easily Quit Smoking

Hello again, Its time to put on my CYNICS hat today. Its difficult to quit smoking when the help you get is from people who actually would very much prefer you to continue. To explain, if you had an extremely good income from a product that was popular at one time but due to public perceptions changing, was deemed not the done thing anymore, would you want that income to disappear? Of course not. In Australia the government makes about 8 BILLION dollars a year from a population base of 20 odd million, of which 10% are smokers. So about 4000 dollars per smoker per year and increasing rapidly. In spite of the slow decline of smoker numbers that amount of income to the government has NOT declined over the years. If you had no choice ( to appease the anti smokers/voters ) you would make the process drag out for as long as you possibly could and if you made the laws that could take a VERY long time. This is borne out by the Australian government planning on increasing the excise on cigarettes by 12.5 % every year for 4 years instead of by 50% in just one hit, small rises are supposed to be more effective to make people quit smoking than a huge price hike in one go, I disagree strongly with that. With advertisers on the payroll proclaiming how difficult it is to quit smoking, even better. Of course other vendors that also made a very tidy income from "helping" you be shot of that product would not like that process to be overly successful or very quick to come to pass. So there is an awful lot of huff and puff going on from those that like to be seen to be doing the "right" thing, its called SPIN unsurprisingly, to keep the anti smoking groups happy and you and I are the guinea pigs getting all disillusioned about how difficult it is to actually achieve that even if we actually want to quit smoking, for health, financial or other reasons. My method of pseudo smoking works. Compared to every other method I know of,it is easily the most smoker friendly way to quit smoking, in ease, health, financial, lack of withdrawal symptoms and SUCCESS. Once you get the hang of the method you won't even know you're actually quitting. Do yourself a favour, give the bird to those that pretend to help you and PSEUDO SMOKE to succeed.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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