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If only I could make losing weight this easy.

Hello again, going by statistics the most successful way to quit smoking is to quit cold turkey. I can easily understand this as all other known methods, aside from my method of PSEUDO SMOKING and expensive medical methods, involve continuing to use nicotine to keep you hooked while you don't actively smoke cigarettes. I have to say again that the nicotine is the LEAST of the issues concerning anyone who wants to easily quit smoking. Cold turkey works due to supreme effort by the smoker to get through the first 2 weeks, to get over the nicotine addiction side and then over the next few months to get over the situational habit smokers all aquire, all the time actually wanting a smoke. All credit where its due, whatever method works for you I congratulate you on your acheivements. With my method the result is acheived far more easily than ANY other with none of the withdrawal or other reasons most attempts to quit smoking fail. If you feel the need for a smoke at any time then you simply have one and pseudo smoke it, no guilt, no panic, no anxiety. If this was a new way to lose weight that didn't involve dieting or exercise AND it worked as well as my method of pseudo smoking to quit smoking does, it would make me the most well known and richest man on the planet. I have no interest in either of the above or this website would not exist in this form. What I want and am interested in, is for people who wish to easily quit smoking...........CAN.........., by pseudo smoking, at their own pace, in whatever form suits them from just enjoying a smoke because , like me, you do occasionally, to completely quitting in time, AND for the entire time you're pseudo smoking, you smoke less and less and less without trying, your lungs are repairing themselves and you're saving yourself alot of money better spent elsewhere. The best part about it is only you have to know you are doing this. My wife had no idea I was quitting, I just happened to, over time go outside for a cigarette less and less, when I did after a couple of months it was really to enjoy a couple of drags and just enjoy the fresh air. If you are serious about quitting smoking you NEED to give my method a try, Pseudo smoke to easily quit smoking. It works.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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