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Advertisers do bend the truth don't they? stop being deceived, eyes wide open my friends.

G'day, Why is it we believe advertisers? We are not stupid in the majority, we know that all ads bend the truth, or leave out information vital to making an informed decision. Even so we obviously believe them because advertising makes us believe them in spite of common sense in most cases. They know what makes us tick, they know exactly what buttons to push and how hard. They know we are sheep and follow trends or ideas knowing full well we are being led. Religion has been doing this for years, zero tangible evidence in the 21st century for ANY religious beliefs but still highly regarded. Cults exist too because people want to believe in something or something they are told by someone they respect. The strangest thing of all is pay tv. We happily pay to watch old programs and many many reruns, some 20 + years old and STILL have to sit through 40% advertising during the programs. Wow, we are easily led. The advertisers and people we are supposed to believe and respect happily tell us that quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things in the world to do. Well if you believe that (of course you do, I did too) before you even start your attempt to quit smoking it is doubly or even more difficult to succeed. How your brain does things, an example. Pick up a baseball bat or similar and swing it a few times, now pick up another and swing both of them together a few times. Now put one down and swing the single bat again. You got it, as far as your brain is concerned and therefore you, that bat now weighs half what it did, even though you know it doesn't. The advertisers know this and much much more and manipulate you. With an open mind try Pseudo smoking. You will be amazed after a few weeks of how much it changes your smoking habit. You still smoke, actually a real cigarette to suck on and hold when you want to. You just smoke it slightly differently, it fools your brain, you get off nicotine without effort, you smoke less and less and less over time until you can just.......stop. It is actually not difficult to easily quit smoking by pseudo smoking. Read the information from the rest of this website, you can make an informed decision that defies the advertisers spin.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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