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Easter is nearly here

Is it almost Easter already? Time flies when you're having fun they say but getting older doesn't help.

It'll mark 3 months of this my easily quit smoking website here with WIX. I do hope that some of you have taken the step of trying my method and its helping you as it helped me. I still pseudo smoke as I have openly stated several times. That I can still pseudo smoke less than 5 a day without any cravings or other problems no longer surprises me. I pseudo smoked 3 cigarettes over the entire weekend just gone. I wasn't doing anything special, just relaxing at home. I have 2 situations where I enjoy a smoke and therefore they are when I do pseudo smoke more. For an odd reason they involve the same thing, while at work and driving to and from work. The difference is my at work cigarette consumption has reduced from around 30 per day to 3 per day total. I am more than happy with that. I'll be off to the, Australian round of the World Motorcycle Trials at Maldon,Vic the week before Easter as an observer, that will be fun. It'll be interesting to see what my cigarette consumption is like there as it is very intense scoring world trials. Don't forget to tell your smoker friends via social media about my site. Even if pseudo smoking is not for you, it may be just what they need. Easily quit smoking, pseudo smoke

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