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Tested by golfing

Well 18 holes of golf used to really bother me after about 12 holes. No golf cart for me. I'd huff and puff my way around the last 6 or so. I don't and haven't done any regular sport for a very long time due to work so the only thing different is that I now pseudo smoke. My friend, who gave up smoking a few years ago using a paid for course, made comment about how little I was smoking so I happily explained to him what I was doing and how it came to pass. For the 18 holes I pseudo smoked one and a half cigarettes. The last time we played before I began pseudo smoking 7 months ago I would have smoked in the normal manner around 15 full cigarettes over the 18 holes. He was suitably impressed. He also noticed he was unable to make his usual last 6 hole recovery from many shots down for an astounding come from behind win. Not that he played any worse its simply that I didn't either as I was breathing easily. I don't condemn anyone who smokes. It is legal to do so, fulfills a purpose for those that choose to do so. It also over time seriously impairs your respiratory system and you don't realise just how much until it almost debilitates you. If you seriously need to have the taste of tobacco present in your life OR wish to quit smoking entirely, pseudo smoke. You will then be able to choose at any time to stop completely , without fuss. It is the same as not smoking as far as your respiratory sytem goes but you still smell and feel like you do still smoke. Just ask my wife. I choose to smoke by pseudo smoking now. I like the taste of tobacco. I guarantee the walk around the golf course becomes easier and you will want to do it so much more. To help your lungs and improve the quality of your golfing experience, or any physical activity, Easily Quit Smoking by Pseudo Smoking, you MUST try it.

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