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World Motorcycle Trials done and dusted

What a weekend. Forecast was for constant drizzle and showers for the whole weekend at Maldon for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the world motorcycle trials. Turned out to be just about perfect weather. Unfortunately it also meant the course was not laid out at its toughest due to the weather expected. It still turned out to be tough for many even so. The first round winner from the Saturday had a woeful day on the Sunday. As expected I pseudo smoked more than I usually do, but compared to the last time I did this 2 years ago, around 60 per day, nothing in comparison. It was 15 for the Friday, 12 for the Saturday and in spite of the pressure of chief observer on section, 10 in total for the Sunday. So by pseudo smoking even a few more due to having to revisit a similar situation and break this web also, I have done no damage to my lungs, have achieved all I wished to and have without effort resumed my low cigarette per day choice to pseudo smoke rather than stop completely at this time. For Monday and today 4 in total so back to the usual once again. It was a great weekend also as some of my family was there and we were a team on our section. It has been brought to my attention that it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on every drag as required by my method. I am well aware of this but it must be done, if you don't ensure you take a breath in before a drag you lose the fail safe it provides and completely defeats the purpose. You need to do this as you are changing a habit of years to one 100% the opposite way. It takes time to do so and this time will vary for everyone. For me it was 2 months, now it is a completely unconscious action to do so when I have a cigarette and I now have to concentrate to use my inhaler properly. It is so worth the effort and the effort is really very minor for the reward. You will definitely not find a cheaper or easier way. I couldn't. Till next time, if you have to smoke, PSEUDO SMOKE

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