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My wife is right, I STINK

Hi, I'm all relaxed after having 2 weeks off work and observing for the world trials championships at Malden, Vic Australia. Have to love camping, which we did for 4 days. Camp fire always on the go, just magic. No showers, just the flannel and soap. I pseudo smoked a bit more than usual but that's to be expected. When camping, smoking and drinking have always gone hand in hand. Got past that with no harm done. The only smoke that made it to my lungs was from the camp fire NOT from pseudo smoking ( That's ZERO ). First thing when I got home was have a shower, only as my hair needed washing of course, really enjoyed it. As a smoker your sense of smell deteriorates to a point where you don't notice scents of any kind. This was great when the kids were small, I was perfectly happy doing the soiled nappies. When you stop smoking or in my case pseudo smoking, something remarkable happens, your nose begins to work sporadically as it was intended. I have to tell ya, its off puting. One second happily wondering why the paint is beginning to peel off the wall beside you , the next THE STENCH grabs your throat and squeezes. I'd always laughed at my wife when she made gagging sounds as she passed by the toilet door when I was on the throne. I now know that she wasn't pretending to gag, Hopefully in time my brain will recognise my stench as being from me and shut down the you're gunna die response. I hope you are all doing well with pseudo smoking. I'm loving every second of my lungs improving, my wallet staying a little fuller, ( she gets to spend it....not me ) Make the time to concentrate on each cigarette, if you aren't enjoying every drag please ask yourself why you're smoking at all even if it is pseudo smoking? .... You now have no excuse, and a very good reason to concentrate on each one. Easily quit smoking by pseudo smoking, it is easy.

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