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Crazy Domains, AVOID use WIX, a much more peaceful solution

I am not one to bag something lightly. I try all avenues before I make a judgement. If you want to build a website using the tools you can get from crazy domains....DON'T!!! Well do so if you enjoy frustration, swearing, and throwing things. Good practice for pseudo smoking though. Smoked no more in spite of it all. I bought the domain name through crazy domains ( ) and then bought into the site builder as it was supposed to be easy to use, etc. Well no it wasn't and even after all this time still isn't. Even the help file isn't helpful, as in later iterations of the software, features mentioned in help actually don't exist to utilize in actual fact. So basically you can make a website, I did. Try and find it on google for me and you'll see why I deride crazy domains. you can go pages and not find it at all, well previous owner iterations are listed...but not the current one. I have tried for 3 months to add meta tags to seo's to no avail, I have even bought the dns side of the domain, extra expense again, again followed all of google analytics guides to get listed. No go. You can't add html as its flash based, you can't add meta tags, I'm trying cnames. NOPE.. Ohh wait, maybe its because I need to buy another item such as submit to search engines, I have actually as its been expensive and a 24 month commitment already paid for, and to monitor my own site will have to buy their web analysis tools....I rant I know but 4 days ago I bought another domain ( ) at the WIX site up and running and google listed in 1 day and happily verified by google analytics. I'm sure you'll find that if not on the first google page it'll be on the second one for normal keywords for my site. pseudo,smoking,easilyquitsmoking,pseudosmoker, pseudosmoking, try it out. You'll see why I do NOT recommend crazy domains to ANYONE....end of rant

I use WIX...

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