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Problem solved but what an effort

Hi again, finally got onto Crazydomains to try and sort out the issues from the last post. Turns out I had to change some settings for what I wanted to work. Of course none documented in any help section. Sorted the google situation ....wait for it.....but put my website off the internet. To give them their due they did sort out that issue promptly at my request, more undocumented changes needed to be made, needed to use html snippets but again nothing in help files. Hellooooooooo newby here..........Finally getting somewhere google analytics finally gets stats from my website. Considering that was the whole point....well they're batting 100 on the how to disapoint this customer with ease of use. Hindsight is a very wonderful thing, I know better now. Old dogs can be taught...LOL I hope everyone is still Pseudo smoking to easily quit smoking. Still the best thing I have done in many a year.

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