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I really like WIX but..................

Not as obvious as CrazyDomains, but just as disapointing is WIX , fair is fair, knock one have to knock the other for similar behaviour. Well as much as I really enjoy WIX and still do I have come across a small problem but for many is major that has been neatly hidden by WIX, crafty people. It is now hopefully being addressed sooner rather than later. In their wisdom they have happily given plenty of direction on how to set guessed it..... google analytics. Seems great for new users such as myself. Go here, insert google id code there and Bob is your uncle, turns out Bob is the bad penny/black sheep and swings both ways. If you're merrily editing your site and getting google to index etc it all looks good on google analytics, BUT it appears its only your very own editing and updating your site that gets logged.....tsk tk tsk WIX...not what we thought we were getting...I have bagged Crazy Domains for their lack of direction with help files on how to set google analytics up properly, but when you get them to alter what they need to and you can't without asking them to, you can get it all happily purring along with google analytics. I can thank you Crazy Domains, finally. Your turn nice people from WIX. Please please PLEASE web hosters. You want new people to join up with you and pay you good money for your product. Remember, we are new to this many of us. It is bewildering and difficult enough for many of us. We remember deception very well. Do you expect us to like it?....Do you expect us to forget it? Would you like us to recommend your services? Do the right thing.............PLEASE

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