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Just to be fair

I need to be fair and at least outline other methods I used to try to quit smoking, one that actually worked here and a link off site to save me a great deal of unnecessary typing. Of course my method of Pseudo Smoking is the easiest and best but, it may not be for everyone. I have tried quite a few methods of quitting smoking in my time and until I stumbled across my method of Pseudo Smoking only one other did work for a shortish period of time. Unsurprisingly that was cold turkey. Its EVERYONES first attempt, odds are in its favour aren't they? I lasted 2 months. It was a battle every day. It succeeded due to a few reasons at the time. Without them it never would have worked and when they were no longer there I started smoking again. <<<, if you've looked at the rest of my website that would sound very familiar, the situational HABIT, the web. One BIG drawback for me on quitting smoking cold turkey was weight gain. I put on in that 2 months.... 15 kg. It took 2 years to get the weight off again even though I was smoking again. With Pseudo smoking I have not put any weight on, have not felt the need to replace nicotine with calories. Compared to quitting cold turkey it has been a breeze. I have no anxiety, depression, weight gain, general antisocial behaviour, insomnia, impatience, or experienced any of them while Pseudo Smoking.

If you are intrerested in all of the varieties of quitting smoking (smoking cessation ) have a look at this wikipedia site.

Then see how this website and my method of Pseudo Smoking stacks up. Unlike most I am here to try and help you all, not confuse you, mislead you or profit from you.

If you have to smoke PSEUDO SMOKE so you CAN easily quit

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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