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Price rise getting closer, double dip alert

The price hike is coming, 12.5% enough to make you think, not enough to make you determined. For those that do want to try they are advertising nicotine replacement therapies. They work for some, stop you smoking cigarettes for a time but are keeping you hooked on nicotine. What they aren't telling you is they are making a ton of money from excise as its nicotine based product. Now you know why its as expensive to try and quit by these methods as it is to keep smoking. Its your choice but consider my method. It works. If you have to smoke, become a pseudo smoker so you can easily quit smoking. I have to say I am very disappointed with this nicotine replacement therapy approach. If you think about it you will see that if it works they will success themselves out of their jobs. I'm a realist, they are NOT gunna do that. Not when there is a fortune yet to be made by them in the "helping" people quit smoking fad. So if you follow this through to the logical conclusion, nicotine replacement therapies are not intended to work very well and the tax department will happily double dip on your win............for them. Pseudo Smoke, Its a far better bet.

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