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It's me again

Hello, it's been a while since I posted last. It seems this site isn't flashy enough, advertised, or deemed it just can't be that easy to quit smoking and therefore mostly dismissed out of hand. Those that believe that and do not try pseudo smoking will truly regret it later on. It costs absolutely nothing extra to try, is very, very easy to do and most importantly succeeds, despite its simplicity, pseudo smoking just works as long as a few rules are followed. I still pseudo smoke, its limited now to when driving to work and maybe a tasty puff at work at times. I can't remember the last cigarette I lit up at home now and I'm a homebody. This is Pseudo Smokings strength. If you choose to you can still enjoy the flavour of tobacco, if YOU choose to, or you can simply stop at any time you wish to. I am in total control of any smoking I do. If your goal is to quit smoking entirely, pseudo smoking allows that in time. The biggest mistake is believing giving up smoking is as simple as just not smoking tobacco products. Any that have tried will know this is far from the truth. Replacing tobacco with a nicotine replacement by other means is NOT the answer either. <---- think about it. Worse than that nicotine is NOT even the real problem, but it is the crucial hook. Nearly all quit smoking methods rely on maintaining the hook under the guise of helping you to quit smoking. Nicotine must be banished, quitting the smoking habit is then simply a matter of time. This is what my method does for you.......Better yet, read the information and opinion on this website. Do yourself a favour. Pseudo smoke so you can easily quit smoking forever.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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