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From 50+ to 0-2 Per Day in 6 months and ongoing Pseudo Smoking RULES

Its been around 12 months now since I began pseudo smoking. A wonderful, surprising result in how easy it has been and how effective it is. I only pseudo smoke now between 0 and 2 cigarettes in a day, if and ONLY if I choose to. I have always enjoyed the taste of tobacco and I still can with complete and utter confidence now I have completeley changed to automatically breathing in before I take a drag. I also go complete weekends and days without even thinking of a cigarette. It has taken time, as expected to go through all of the experiences where I would ordinarily have lit up a cigarette to understand that I don't need to but can still, IF I choose to. 99% of the time now it is I choose not to. The antismoking lobby would have kittens over that statement. The howls of you're either a smoker or you're a non smoker, you can't be both, in no time you'll be smoking like you used to...............what a load of guff. 18 months ago I would have agreed with them though. The media has alot to answer for in perpetuating the myth that quitting smoking is harder than reality. I don't smoke anymore, I pseudo smoke if I choose to. The cigarettes are still real, I have no addiction to nicotine, I am far healthier, I breathe without wheezing or huffing and puffing if I jog more than 10 feet like I used to, I now spend less in a week on cigarettes than most of you would on coffee and/or take away food in a day, let alone alcohol. If you don't at least try my method of pseudosmoking then you're a masochist of the first order. It doesn't have to be as difficult as you have been led to believe. Its bordering on ridiculously easy with my method of pseudo smoking.

If you have to smoke, pseudo smoke, so you can easily quit

Regardless of what method you choose to quit smoking with, I wish you well but please please please read the lines below

You DO NOT need nicotine replacement products to quit smoking, they are the worst possible thing you can do. They keep the nicotine addiction alive in you. Nicotine is the hook. IT MUST GO. Pseudo smoking works even though you use real cigarettes. No smoke reaches your lungs, therefore no nicotine. There are a great many other psychological benefits to pseudo smoking over other methods. Number one of these is, only you will even know you're even quitting smoking initially. Think about it, huge head start for you to begin with............

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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