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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Pseudo smoking has been the one of the best things I have ever done in my life or likely to do. I am supremely proud of myself for developing a very simple method that enables people to quit smoking with very little effort and no gimmicks or extra ongoing expense to them AND guess what? All of those nasty things that happen when you "quit" smoking don't happen when you pseudo smoke. Its worked perfectly for me.

I rarely even pseudo smoke now. I still enjoy the taste of tobacco, but I now pseudo smoke so little even if I'm out of cigarettes when at the supermarket, it doesn't even cross my mind to purchase any. That being the case, as of January 1/ 2015, I will no longer smoke in any form whatsoever. It has been an almost effortless journey from 50+ cigarettes per day to being in a position to stop smoking completely after 6 months, but I do enjoy the taste of tobacco so an extra 12 months has passed. Even that has been worthwhile, as it proves you can pseudosmoke and have no inclination to smoke more at all even after an extended period, just continually find more situations where you don't need to smoke at all. I hope my method of pseudo smoking is benefiting people and do wish I had the financial means to promote my website so many more were aware of its existence and could rid themselves of cigarettes and have the extra disposable income to spend on their families, oh so easily easily over time. If you have found it of benefit to yourself or believe it could benefit others, please mention it on your social network pages. Pseudo Smoking needs to be known about. Thank you and a merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year to you all.

If you have to smoke, Pseudo Smoke so you can easily quit


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