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2015 Awaits us, Pseudo Smoking, should become viral

Hello again, I hope you all had a very merry christmas, I did. Almost the new year and I'll be a 100% non smoker of any kind as of midnight tonight. Its no biggy really, I could have done this easily 12 months ago and I haven't had any cigarettes in 7 days now, so a last half a pseudo smoked cigarette before midnight and I'll be done and dusted with smoking forever. I hope everyone who is trying my method of pseudo smoking is having great success, just as I did. Seems impossible to still smoke real cigarettes and be giving them up at the same time AND not really notice you are doing so as the "withdrawal" effects are so minimal if any at all.

Every time in the past I quit smoking, chose not to smoke, cut down...or any other term you chose, I found it difficult for almost silly reasons, and failed for the following. In hindsight, these reasons were not from what I was experiencing from not smoking, but psychological from media hype, hearsay and peer knowledge of the subject, unfounded rumour but mainly constant media blurb about how you can't do it easily without some product or some group to hold your hand.

Reasons cold turkey and others don't work from personal experience and why you should Pseudo Smoke to quit smoking. NICOTINE REPLACEMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER

1..The MAJOR reason I found it difficult quitting going cold turkey and others.

NOT having a cigarette available or easily accessable and the massive ANXIETY just that alone made me feel at all times.

With Pseudo Smoking you always have cigarettes with you.

2.. I had an excuse for a break at work for a few minutes every hour or so when I smoked, didn't when not smoking, again anxiety, clock watching, etc

With Pseudo Smoking you can still pseudo smoke, although you MUST stop doing other things when you do until it is a 100% automatic method.

3.. Only you need to know you are quitting smoking, the changes are subtle and others won't notice. My wife didn't even know for over 6 months I was pseudo smoking, she just thought I had cut down.

With Pseudo Smoking you can still be social smoker and there is no need for others to know and possibly give you a hard time over it.

4.. Cold turkey methods are difficult for the above reasons. The other problem is its so easy to just have "one" cigarette and its the catalyst to get you smoking full time again. Those oportunities are everywhere as there are many situations you would just light up and the temptation is there for at least 12 months and beyond. (spider and web analogy)

With Pseudo Smoking you can pseudo smoke when these occasions arise, but because of lack of nicotine even though you pseudo smoke when you do this you lose the associations you have with the event and smoking due to no nicotine cue. Next time you will probably choose not to even pseudo smoke. I say again NICOTINE REPLACEMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER. For exactly these reasons.

The answer is YES you can still smoke and quit very VERY easily, Its called PSEUDO SMOKING.

Think about this one, IF you said to an obese person desperate to lose weight that they could put in their mouth and chew as much as they wanted ANY food and as MUCH as they wanted and they would lose weight no one would believe you. But its true, they could and they'd lose massive amounts of weight, as long as they didn't swallow any of it. Then they eat and swallow over time a progressively smaller plate of low calory foods and drinks. So they get to "eat" all of the foods they love, and then only swallow the ones of a low calory nature. They "eat" and get all of the flavours and none of the calories.

This is in essence pseudo smoking. Its smoking for the flavour of tobacco that you enjoy AND its a method of smoking so smoke and nicotine CANNOT reach your lungs and so you quickly lose the addiction to nicotine and in time lose the habit of smoking....

It IS that easy. Try it.

If you have to smoke, Pseudo Smoke so you can easily quit.

Have a happy and safe 2015 everyone.


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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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