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No longer smoking

Happy new year everyone. I have completely stopped smoking now and haven't missed it at all. Pseudo Smoking is a no brainer. Its easy, solves almost EVERY problem and anxiety that people have with quitting smoking and costs NOTHING more to do so. Its very simple, no other method of quitting smoking works so easily and effortlessly. Its a long term/permanent solution to a very vexing problem in society today. Inside 3 months you can be ready to stop completely. I pseudo smoked for 12 months beyond when i could have easily stopped smoking completely but chose to continue due to 1 I really enjoy the taste of tobacco, and 2 It needed to be tested that there wasn't any relapse into pseudo smoking more cigarettes or even going back to smoking normally again. This didn't even remotely look like happening as over the 12 months I smoked less and less, with periods of days not even thinking about a cigarette at all. So make it a new years resolution to Pseudo Smoke so you can easily quit. I have two new domain names now, all of my own work such that it is and NO ADS, enjoy and They have much the same content as Its an attempt to have more people find the site so they can benefit from Pseudo Smoking as I have done

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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