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30 days a non smoker

Its been a month since I last had a cigarette between my lips now and I'm perfectly happy. To make it more challenging I carried cigarettes with me for the first 2 weeks after completely stopping smoking of any form and had easy access to them if I wished, but absolutely no need to do so. Pseudo Smoking has done its work and enabled me to easily deal with any situational habit smoking had created and therefore my path to freedom from cigarettes has been very simple, anxiety and stress free.


It's NOT a cold turkey method

It's NOT a method that uses nicotine replacement therapies

It's NOT a method that involves any doctors, hypnotherapists or any other gimmicky aids.

It's a simple technique of smoking that does NOT allow cigarette smoke to reach your lungs.

It really is THAT simple, you need to try it.

You will have no need to smoke in a matter of weeks.

There is not a box it doesn't tick for anyone who wishes to quit smoking forever easily.

Do yourself a favor and PSEUDO SMOKE to EASILY QUIT SMOKING

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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