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60 days a NON SMOKER now, It's a doddle

Its now over 2 months since I last had a cigarette between my lips. I don't even think about them now aside from wondering why I didn't come up with this ohhhhh so simple method years ago. Its so easy to quit smoking using my pseudosmoking method.. The situational/association habit is completely negated. Please remember, it is NOT the nicotine that is the major problem the media and hypocritical, profiteering interests, including governments, would have you believe that makes quitting smoking difficult. Getting over nicotine is very easy. Think about why you smoke when you do ( clue : its not because of nicotine most of the time ) and for the blinkers to be completely removed surf the rest of my website for all the information you need to quit smoking easily.

Pseudosmoke so you can easily quit.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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