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90 Days a non smoker

Another 30 days on and still having no trouble at all with not smoking. Of course I still come across situations where the thought crosses my mind. Every time this occurs, it becomes easier and easier to dismiss that thought immediately. I smoked for 35 years, its unlikely I have been in every situation I found myself smoking in in that time in just 18 months. For most situations that are current in my life, smoking doesn't even enter my mind and that includes being around other smokers in many situations. You owe it to yourself and to your family to not smoke if you can. Its not just health, these days its also a severe financial imposte on any family budget.

Pseudosmoking is the easiest way to quit smoking. It ticks every box you need ticked. No, its not an instant fix. No method or product can be. That is very unrealistic. People want an instant fix for everything unfortunately. Advertisers have worked extremely hard for many, many years to get that attitude ingrained within us all for all things, smoking included. Due to that conditioning we are prepared to spend far more on advertised products if we believe that. We do. At least now you can quit smoking and it won't be 3rd, 4th or 5th time lucky and thousands of dollars wasted before that happens. It has NO extra cost and your spend is ever decreasing with this method. That spend and the ONLY spend, is the price of the cigarettes you are already smoking now.

The most important boxes :-

Does Pseudosmoking work? Yes

IS Pseudosmoking A PRODUCT???? No

Are ANY other products required to be purchased? No

Is Pseudosmoking a Nicotine replacement method? No.

Does Pseudosmoking work as described? Yes

Is Pseudosnmoking easy to do? Yes

Will Pseudosmoking cost me more to do? No.

Does Pseudosmoking work YES

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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