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4 Months 100% non smoker

You should really give Pseudosmoking a good try. 4 months now and still happily a non smoker after 30 years a smoker. I still can't believe its been so easy, stress, anxiety and withdrawal free. Even while pseudosmoking, because the smoke wasn't getting to my lungs, my health was noticeably improving until the day I just.........stopped smoking. I know my method of pseudosmoking ( NOT a product AND free for everyone), can be easily dismissed due to its very nature, (you still smoke, to quit, but in a fundamentally different way) as we are all so brainwashed by almost all types of media into believing it has to be difficult to quit smoking easily. I have proved to myself that it just IS easy. I had given up on believing I could quit smoking at all before I came up with this method. Do yourself a favour. Few others will. Use my method of PSeudosmoking to become nicotine and smoke free forever and very, very easily.

For most smokers the money you will save by not smoking is similar to an annual 10% increase in income COMPLETELY tax free. That's not small change at all. In my case that was around $100.00 a week. You can give yourself a pay rise you could only dream of getting from your employer by simply pseudosmoking to quit smoking. Or you could just go and ask your boss for an extra 150 bucks in your pay packet. Good luck with that, Pseudosmoking was no effort at all. Do it for yourself AND your family, you deserve it.


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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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