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Insanity? you tell me

You continue to smoke cigarettes to quit smoking?....Are you insane?... I don't believe so, but unlike Sheldon, I haven't been tested. All I know for sure is PseudoSmoking works. Everything else is moot. When you smoke you inhale the nicotine laden smoke into your lungs which almost instantly enters the blood stream and enters your brain within a second. I'm no neuroscientist but there is dopamine and stuff going on which means you derive pleasure from the nicotine in much the same way as from alcohol and other recreational drugs.... Withdrawal and cravings is the brain telling you it would like more please. Then there is PseudoSmoking When completely PseudoSmoking, you are unable to take any cigarette smoke into your lungs. This simply means there can be no nicotine rapidly reaching the brain. There will be a small amount from nicotine interaction within your oral cavities alone but this is slow and many, many orders of magnitude less than even a single drag of one cigarette reaching your lungs. (Update: thanks to Helena and her scientific proof I was right on the money. Pseudosmoking is now the ULTIMATE way to quit smoking) Because part of my method involves a simple weaning of cigarette smoke reaching your lungs over time there is very little to no withdrawal at all even though very quickly no smoke at all reaches your lungs and it is solely a very small interaction of nicotine within your oral cavities that eventually reaches your brain.. This simply means in a very short time frame you have no nicotine addiction with few consequences. You can still PseudoSmoke within my method guidelines as much as you choose, when you choose with a few limitations as you need to concentrate fully when you PseudoSmoke. Without nicotine addiction (No, no nicotine replacement products required either) you no longer have the hook insisting you need a smoke and you WILL PseudoSmoke less and less simply as a matter of course. This is now where all other methods FAIL. Over time you have unconsciously associated the act of smoking with an amazing number of events in your life. With Pseudosmoking if you feel the "need" to smoke you simply can PseudoSmoke "IF" YOU choose to and enjoy the cigarette smoke for its flavor and coating it puts in your mouth which you are used to having. This is not restricted, its important that you consciously choose not to vs being forced not to as other methods do. You will continue to more often choose not to smoke in given situations (no nicotine hook) over time. This will continue and in a time of your own choosing you can simply stop smoking completely whenever you want to. PseudoSmoking gives you choice, it gives you security, it gives you peace of mind, it gives you time, it removes the pressures associated with quitting smoking the usual ways. It works. At first glance PseudoSmoking can't work, look further it makes perfect sense, try it and any other way is insane. PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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