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I read further on and discovered the medications available to aid you quitting smoking are a 9 or 12 week course and potentially yukky side effects. I have no idea on the cost. Please remember, These solutions do NOT deal with the situational habit years of smoking creates, ONLY the nicotine. If you Pseudosmoke you will have been not addicted to nicotine well before then...around 3 - 6 weeks. There are no added side effects as you are still using real cigarettes and very quickly fewer and fewer of them. Due to the Pseudosmoking method, after a short period of time, no cigarette smoke reaches your lungs = no nicotine = in a short time, no nicotine addiction = in more time, no smoking at all. You still have all of the other benefits you derive from smoking, but not the nicotine. You will simply pseudosmoke less and less over time from then on until you just stop smoking altogether. How easy is that? Pseudosmoke to easily quit smoking.. I DID

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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