There IS an easier way

From This is researched apparently. 'Remember, the most effective way to quit is: Coaching + Nicotine Replacement Product or Quitting Medication (Champix/Zyban)'.

They obviously are extremely successful?.....not so much. I'll do some research one day myself but the reduction in smoking rate over time I believe is more from the reduction of people actually taking up smoking, not people quitting smoking by "recommended" endorsed methods, sometimes quite expensive with no guarantees. Please remember the difficulty in quitting smoking is NOT nicotine. Tail wagging the dog. Hands up anyone who gets the giddy feeling after a drag of a ciggy anymore?... That's my point. If it was then nicotine replacement therapy wouldn't work as you would remain addicted to nicotine when you "eventually" stopped wanting a cigarette. Hands up those who still wanted a cigarette when on nrt's? Mine is. Most of the reason I smoked was because I LIKED the taste of my cigarette. Damned expensive still. THINK about that. I am openly 100% against NRT's. They are an expensive rip off. The issue is the long term situational habit that smoking becomes over time, THE DOG. The longer you have smoked the greater an issue it becomes. It naturally follows that chance of taking up smoking again is high due to this even when nicotine is not the reason you smoke UNLESS this is addressed. Pseudosmoking addresses this simply and easily. You don't stop smoking, you change HOW you smoke. With this very simple FREE method, you lose the nicotine habit quickly and over time the situational habit. Without effort you smoke less and less and .........Then you simply stop smoking. I did. 5 1/2 months a non smoker now after being a very heavy smoker for 35 years. When the recommended strategies fail, you should try pseudosmoking, it will surprise you just as much as it surprised me. Pseudosmoke to easily quit smoking

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking