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Here I am again 5 months on

Another month on and still 100% a non smoker, pats self on back. THANK YOU PSEUDOSMOKING. I don't even think about cigarettes at all now. I'll tell you a funny story. Its so funny I'm going to devote an actual web page to it as its not a story so much as a saga, a bad neighbors episode or just the tragedy of how people get so precious they lose the ability to see reason. It all began around 18 months ago on a web site that shall, at least for now remain nameless. Nothing to do with the website, just to do with some overzealous members with very closed minds. I went there back then because I was excited and was wondering if I had come up with a way of quitting smoking that was already widely used and I hadn't heard about it, or it was actually a new method entirely.

Part One

If you get some deja vu it is because you have read some of this before. This website is all about quitting smoking and offering help and advice to others. So I found a relevant section in their forum, made a new entry titled, Has anyone tried a method that actually involves you continuing to smoke? I then described a bit about myself and how much success I had been having doing what is now PseudoSmoking. It seems that as I had not quit smoking completely or was not doing so cold turkey and having a very difficult time of it, I was open to vitriol of an order I have never come across. Being nervous I made the mistake of thinking some of these people hadn't already quit and made some comments which put the vitriol to a higher level again and then the feeble minded TROLL cries started.........I gave up then and left them to it.

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