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Here is part 2 of my tale

Hello again, On my website I will have the transcripts of all of the posts and you will see what I mean.

Anyhow I decided to revisit this website of sour memories. This was to see if now I had completely quit smoking as they had insisted I should do before passing comment, I would be given more credence and therefore that would allow better and fuller discussion and debate. Surprisingly my thread was still there complete in all its ignomony. A few more posts of undeserved hate had been posted but then all had gone quiet. I was about to change that. You must remember this is a website all about helping smokers quit or assist those in the process of and this is in their forum site. It must have been an aberation surely....

So I began again at post 39 explaining once again about me and why I was there and proudly pointing out I had quit smoking, blah blah blah. I went back through the crap between my last post and this one and found this bit. "You sound like a lot of us when we still were feeding our addiction and trying to justify the way we thought. You will see this when you finally are free from smoking" this in reference to pseudosmoking (no name back then) as you smoke while you are quitting. Well I had to respond. Nothing like a bit of return kicking to get the rat pack ganging up was on ...LOL

I then did a post congratulating those that have quit via any method that worked and then condemning anyone that belittled, shamed, or otherwise abused people for using a method that was not condoned by them. I then dared utter my indignation of the treatment I received initially on their forum. That got the posts from the ratpack going.

It began with this and I knew it was gunna end in tears eventually.

"With all due respect done, it's the mystery you're surrounding this with and the unwillingness to share your info on this forum that is the turn off for me"

This is after within the body of the posts 18 months ago and on that same day I explained basically what it was all about. So I strongly requested that people read the posts from earlier and they would find what they sought. In the same post I pointed out I had a complete website, offered the url to it, twitter, google+, facebook, I threw the book at them....I then got a white coat oriented person who could cut and paste....cont


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