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Here is part 3 of the ratpack : A good name for this story

This person had done her research and knew the subject well, I'm no dummy but I know how big words are jaw dropping to those who wish to believe in something, and this was classic. If you have read my pages you will be well aware I am 100% anti nicotine replacement therapies. What she was telling me without even realizing it was with PseudoSmoking I had stumbled on the ultimate way to quit smoking. She was cutting and pasting quite happily something I didn't know. Exactly why pseudosmoking works so bloody well. In effect pseudosmoking is quit smoking cold turkey WITH nicotine relacement therapy on steroids due to you ALSO not having to deal the anxiety of not being able to smoke. Now isn't that a kicker?......

Then she proved she was a lazy thread reader by accusing me of still smoking, blah blah

After I responded to her It was her last post although she did "like" others who posted after her, so was still cheering them on. I was disappointed she had stopped as I ended up doing battle with some who had big guns and no instruction manual on how to load them let alone fire them. Then they decided my logic and common sense were all a bit too much and started crying and took their bat and ball and went home, meaning they had blacklisted my user name and then also blocked my IP address. Seems they track IP addresses and can block them lol but can't see their own arguments supporting pseudosmoking. So there you have it. It was an interesting experience visiting the site again. Nothing has changed, they support ONLY what they believe is correct. Smokers are entitled to try any way they damn well please and if it works for them they should be able to tell others and share that info if it may benefit someone in their efforts to quit themselves. Of course advice and support should be offered, but quitting smoking was never part of any religeous instruction I had at a church or at school. Why then are senior members of forums allowed to dicate terms to those that don't see eye to eye with their "religeon" Most great discoveries either happen by happy accident, error or mistake by someone normally looking for the solution to something else. Many are berated before they are eventually lauded. Human nature is a very strange puppy. Zealots have no place on forums, especially forums that deal with a vulnerable group of people.

PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking, CLEARLY more effective than cold turkey with nicotine replacement therapy. I even know why now, some good came out of it.

I admit I was less than polite at times, in hindsight I could have pulled my head in a bit, but I was also magnificently restrained at the same time. I was also responding to posts from others, I did not begin the attacks. I just abhor stupidity in the face of reason. Time and again they proved it was planned, They were the trolls. They live for hand holding, it appears and if they endorsed


(now proven to come with built in nicotine replacement therapy)...

VERY quickly they would have none to hold.

Here is a link to my thread, it starts 18 months ago, has a 12 month break and into it again. My user name is Doneit.

Very precious, LOL....I have been delisted and my IP address banned also. Its ok, If the pages are removed or the link changes I will post the pages on this site when I get the time, for your amusement.


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