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Quit smoking support- terrorism?

I was having a thought last night before the events of my story telling posts. I know, but I didn't strain it much. Every site I have been to do with quit smoking advice makes a HUGE effort to point out why you shouldn't smoke or to quit now, by using blatant scare tactics. Ohhh no, NOT just the nasty things that will happen to you if you don't quit NOW, ( but why you SHOULDN'T do it this way or that way, unless it requires some form of support, usually you purchasing something. As a by product this conveniently funnels the resulting options for you to try to a bare minimum ).

eg . I'd have taken this on as a pseudosmoker after 3 months and put money on the success, conditional on example total supply based on 40 per day reducing 1 per day = 820/5. I'd smoke my 5 a day for 164 days or 5 1/2 months by which time I'd be smoking between 1 and 5 after the first month so add 2 months = 7 1/2 months and by month 3 I'd be smoking around 0-2 so Add another 9 months = 16 1/2 months min and well, ummmmmmmmmm Sorry, I'd have completely stopped already before I came remotely close to smoking the allowance.. I DID quit smoking by PseudoSmoking in 15 months from a 50 per day habit..and I LOVED smoking....8 months would have been easy but like I said...I LOVED smoking. and it had to be tested as doable even after an expended period.. a sub 10 year smoker with a 40 smoke a day habit quitting by pseudosmoking, I'd predict could start this from scratch and still quit well before the smokes ran out...LOL I digress.....sorry.. Just pseudosmoke, you'll be the winner.

We all know that these type of tactics ( eg used in traffic related type ads ) only work on those either older and beginning to think about their mortality, or those that are already sick or dying from some disease and their families, friends and closer aquantances. The other that it affects are those that choose a cause and almost manically have at you due to believing EVERYTHING they have been told whether it be true or not, as long as they have the trust in the source of that information. Aside from reminding me of the overbearing but underbrained souls from my story, they remind me of terrorists, cultists and dictators or tyrants.

For the younger set, telling them anything about anything is going to be ignored, we have all been there, indestructable. Telling them about scary stuff will probably make them want to do/try it.

For the a little older set, especially the males, they have skills beyond those of mere other people. "I only" and "any time I like" are common beginning and endings to sentences in response to any query from anyone, usually female, regarding any activity that person is finding from mildly irritating to extremely distasteful.

Beyond this scope are the people who have already had a scare or beginning to think about heir own mortality. When it comes to a smoking addiction, they are already well established and are immune to the scare charade. Even if they weren't, the absurd effort required to quit even after all this time is mind blowing. Cold turkey is still the best method by the numbers. That doesn't just scare me, it TERRIFIES me, I know what that's like, PseudoSmoking will save you from this hell though.

Scare tactics don't work because we are optimists until much later in life when we begin to become pessimists. Please don't try to scare these people, they already scare themselves quite enough. Scare tactics influence only those that need a strong cause to put all of their efforts into. Usually to make up for a lack of control in their own lives , becoming almost mindless followers of someone elses puppetry.

Trying to do the scare tactics is only causing the over zealous, weaker minded set to take up causes whereby they can feel powerful. Where others are open to new ideas and be understanding and supportive, these fixated, power hungry, control freaks seek to take charge and ensure only their voice is heard where possible. This drives the others away and what do you end up with eventually on these web site "support" forums? Its new forms of a cult, dictatorships, tyrants, terrorists........

Zealots They suck.


Educate DON'T Obliterate, You DON'T Know Everything

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