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All of your important questions have been answered here

For those members at who are unable to read posts and comprehend the content. I hope this helps. Coming to your forum very soon......I was going to go back and continue,but as there only a few zealots who are illiterate obviously, who participate in nearly all posts deleting anyone who they dislike and bombing the forum page to make it look like the content is rubbish its not worth the effort.........To those interested in quitting smoking the easiest way possible, read on

What is Pseudosmoking? It is a new method of smoking absolutely normal cigarettes in a manner that removes the 2 nicotine effects, 1 quickly and permanently, the other remains but reduces as you reduce the amount you smoke until you stop smoking completely. You will simply stop smoking at some point usually well within 12 months. How do you manage that? It's amazingly simple. You change the direction you breathe ( breathe in instead of out ) "before" you take a drag of your cigarette, by doing so no cigarette smoke can reach your lungs and therefore no nicotine can be absorbed by them. This is the key to it all. Once this is achieved 100% automatically and you continue to pseudosmoke properly, then it is almost inevitable you will stop smoking within 3 to 12 months dependent on how long you have been a smoker before deciding to quit. What about withdrawal? There is no withdrawal, There is a quick step by step process to wean the PseudoSmoker off fast nicotine (nicotine that is absorbed via the lungs) and the nicotine in the smoke that is held in your mouth for a few seconds each drag is absorbed and acts on the brain exactly like any nicotine replacement product used by the majority of quitting smokers as its only slowly absorbed. A simple example is nicotine gum or patches. Why would anyone want to keep smoking if the intention is to quit smoking? Most methods of quitting smoking expect a very high level of failure or relapse. One of the major reasons for this is withdrawal and what I call a situational habit whereby your brain recognizes instances where it got a nicotine hit and initiates a craving/ withdrawal moment or a habit reflex response. The longer you have smoked the more of these instances exist. PeudoSmoking makes this completely redundant. The other reason is for simple sanity. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is NOT being able to have either your cigarettes with you or easily accessable if the need is felt to have one. This is a CONSTANT reminder that you are indeed quitting. WHO NEEDS THAT? YOU DON'T. Not the case with PseudoSmoking. To any onlooker the "only" obvious change in your habits and demeanor will be the greatly reduced number you smoke in a relatively short time and one day they will just stop seeing you smoking at all. How does PseudoSmoking make this different for the quitter? With PseudoSmoking you have a choice, you no longer need to avoid smokers or places or events you enjoyed a smoke, you can join your friends and PseudoSmoke if you wish ( some caveats apply ) or you can choose not to PseudoSmoke at that time. The important part is you get to choose, by choosing not to PseudoSmoke, you turn that trigger off. By choosing to enjoy a smoke by PseudoSmoking in that situation you are still doing doing no harm to your quitting effort. You will probably choose not to next time. What is the purpose of the "cigarette in the web" picture? Its a demonstration of the situational habit, as I call it. Once the cigarette (nicotine that reaches your lungs) is gone the web is still left (situations where you enjoy a cigarette). Like a spiders web even when the spider is gone the web will still catch flies. It can do so until all of the strands are broken to a state where it can no longer do any harm. It is for this reason that to quit smoking is more than just losing the nicotine addiction. It is also the reason for most relapses. If you are relapsing and having to go through the difficult process over and over again, how in anyones mindset can this be better than Pseudosmoking, with still no nicotine reaching your lungs and a very high chance of easy, anxiety free success within 3 - 12 months? Are there any drawbacks to PseudoSmoking? Pseudosmoking is suitable for any person who is a current smoker who wishes to quit. It is not without flaws and may not suit your lifestyle as there are some rules that must be followed. Among these is you MUST concentrate fully breathing IN before EVERY drag when Pseudosmoking. This means you may not PseudoSmoke in any situation you can be easily distracted, until it becomes an automatic reflex response to breathe IN first. You must also NEVER remove the cigarette from your fingers and leave it between your lips to do something else with your hands. In this case you must either put the cigarette down first or put it out. These are not negotiable. If you feel you will not be able to do this, then try another method to quit smoking as Pseudosmoking will NOT be for you. The changes you make to your life are negligable. Not one person, not a workmate, friend or even my wife was aware I was quitting smoking until well after I had stopped completely. I quit even though my intention was only to cut down. I enjoyed every cigarette I ever smoked including the last one. It was completely by accident I learned that yes indeed, you can still smoke and quit. The last 6 months I PseudoSmoked were purely for the enjoyment I obtained from the flavour of the cigarette smoke itself. I had cut down the entire nicotine web, I had but to decide a good time to stop. I even stopped a week ahead of schedule, christmas instead of new years. A week without a smoke later, Helena,( she's the sweety that proved how pseudosmoking worked scientifically with her gobbldygook while trying to refute it) I had my last ever smoke at midnight on new years eve, its traditional...LOL and my "foot" was as good as before the smoke. Good thing I quit by PseudoSmoking or I'd have had to do it allllllllllllll again, wouldn't I?

Try Pseudosmoking, it may not be the answer for you, it was for me. It is DEFINITELY no worse than what is currently out there on offer. In EVERY SINGLE way it is easier. What surprises me the most is the negative attitude towards Pseudosmoking, simply because you continue to Smoke cigarettes (PseudoSmoked) in order to quit. If helping people to quit smoking is such a difficult thing to do and a proven alternative is thrown into the ring, to my mind it is worthy of consideration, not condemnation with scant regard to the possibilty of its merits. Is the money THAT good from nrt endorsements?


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