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How are discoveries made?

Something that should be borne in mind. Many significant discoveries have been found by chance while attempting to solve other problems. Penicillan was discovered in much the same way as I found, what is now PseudoSmoking, actually worked to quit smoking, not just cut down as was my intention. By sheer luck. I found by PseudoSmoking I didn't just cut down, I significantly cut down in a very short time without effort. No withdrawal, no anxiety, no problem. l allowed it to run its course and also discovered I had cravings in certain situations for a cigarette even though my nicotine adiction was largely gone. If I could choose whether I smoked in those situations I found if I chose to smoke the same urges applied next time, if I chose not to PseudoSmoke on those occasions that urge was greatly reduced. I called this a situational habit where events triggered a craving response but again by observation these event were easily weakened when a "choice" could be made, not made for you. We would be no-where in this world if we ignored the trivial, but significant information we fall over once in a while in other persuits. Like for Penicillan, an uncovered petri dish of an experiment was found to be contaminated by mould. Instead of simply throwing that contaminated sample out he noticed the bacteria was dead near the mould in the dish. From this chance discovery by simple observation, eventually MILLIONS of people have been saved from an early demise and millions more have not had to go through the full course of an illness before recovering.. I see a potential correlation here. Where would we be today without accidental discoveries?? A good thing this man did NOT have the same attitude as some members of, they'd have chucked the dish out immediately without thought as zealots know everything, just ask them, or challenge their ideology.

Pseudosmoking may help some people to quit smoking easily, it may help a significant number. It can hopefully help everyone, especially those who are finding it a real struggle to quit using any or all of the standard methods over time. If it helps one person quit smoking its worthwhile. There are many methods to quit smoking, all have merit. PseudoSmoking prevents the cigarette smoke from reaching the lungs where most of the damage is done and yet it is maligned because you continue to use cigarettes. So what, if its effective? Better odds than any other method of quitting at first attempt, no withdrawal, no anxiety and for its cost "FREE" Its cheaper than almost all too. Anyone who chooses cold turkey over the ease and simplicity of Pseudosmoking is just a masochist of the first order.


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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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