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Who's scared of the anti - smoking ads?

They're off again with the "scary tv advertisements" again. I have no issue with them and didn't when I was a heavy cigarette smoker. They were easy to turn off when I got sick of the sight of them.. Did they make me want to quit smoking. No. It had nothing to do with the graphic and sometimes confronting content, or the emotive issues they attempted to raise. I found them objectionable due to the fact that they offered NOTHING new in how to even try to quit smoking. They are ONLY good for scaring the non smoker, which is not a bad thing at all....BUT anyone who has smoked for a long period has attempted to quit smoking by the usual methods. Most of these revolve around the highly inefficient and relapse prone cold turkey methods. Even in combination with nicotine replacement therapies they are a dismal failure overall as they fail COMPLETELY to address the very real SMOKER EXPERIENCE of the situational habit that ultimately cause MOST of the failures. Any method which EXPECTS you to take several attempts before you succeed, has some serious issues. Aids has been around about as long as smoking has been falling from favor and most people who are unfortunate enough to contract it, thanks to research it is no longer the death sentence it once was. SO what happened to research into ways to quit smoking? Of the BILLIONS of dollars governments have made from the smoker in taxes...60% of the cost of your ciggies, why are we still stuck with COLD TURKEY as the best method available. I am not forgetting the prescription medications, but they too do not address the Ultra important situational issues of the smoker either. Think of it this way, I love analogies.

Having ANY sexual experience with someone you care a great deal about (The smoking a real cigarette experience ) is infinitely more satisfying than masturbation ( cold turkey, NRT's or the prescription medications ). PseudoSmoking covers this, safe sex to prevent accidents ( Nicotine reaching the lungs) , but plenty of kissing and cuddling to make up for it. When you are tired of the others failing you, you should give PseudoSmoking a fair go. I thought I would never quit smoking. I never would have by cold turkey. With PseudoSmoking I was able to quit when I wasn't even trying to... Even the science backs up why I believe PseudoSmoking works so brilliantly. In order to quit smoking easily, PseudoSmoke......I DID I HAVE

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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