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6 Months a non smoker

Well here I am again, yet another month down. I thought I may have struggled to get this far, but completely contrary to that it has been simplicity itself. PseudoSmoking has alot going for it. Its a simple technique, it doesn't alter your lifestyle greatly, it doesn't put you in anxiety mode for days/weeks seemingly without end, as other ways do. It doesn't make you avoid situations where you used to smoke or even be around others that do smoke, you can even light, hold and drag on a real cigarette by PseudoSmoking it. You have a multitude of options in the way you quit smoking once you have the breathing 100% automatic. On top of that when you have become a 100% PseudoSmoker you are also almost relapse proof. I have listened to and read Hundreds of almost horror stories on quit attempts. I have had a few myself over time. PseudoSmoking changes that. Too good to be true? Not at all, I see no reason that quitting smoking has to be difficult at all, it now isn't. Ways to quit smoking haven't changed much in 40 years, same old, same old. Cold Turkey still leading the way? Expletive here. Its even expected for a quitting smoker to relapse up to 10 times before success. This is the 21st century, PseudoSmoking has brought the way to quit smoking FINALLY up to date. Please do yourself a favour.

PseudoSmoke to EASILY quit smoking. I DID.

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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