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Its been a while

Its been a while since I have posted, been a busy boy. Well in just over a week I will have been stopped smoking, of any kind completely for 12 months. Now to say its been easy is an understatement. When I put my last cigarette out a 12:02 AM 1st Jan 2015 the urge to smoke simply disappeared. I had made up my mind and it was the ONLY thing I had to be determined about, to actually choose to stop smoking as having a cigarette was not something that I had on my mind from that day on.

Pseudosmoking, yes I am aware that's what they call smokling e-cigarettes but they are still inhaling the product into their lungs so in effect it is STILL smoking, possibly not nicotine vapour though. My method of pseudosmoking fully prepared me for any situation I came across that would have made me want to light up in those situations. I could choose to or not to when I was pseudosmoking and that made all the difference. Most people, my wife included, don't believe it could be as easy as I suggest. It was me that went through it after all so I believe I have the final word on the matter. I WISH I HAD COME UP WITH THIS IDEA EARLIER, about 15 years earlier.

I don't regret smoking at all, it was a part of my life and many others of my generation. It was the norm rather than the exception. Right up until my last cigarette, I enjoyed each and every drag I took. I am now enjoying the fruits of not smoking, much more disposable income to use on sensible things being number one.

It allowed me to make this website to try and help others to quit smoking and be able to stay off the cigarettes permanently, without effort and no pressure.

Health, well yes I breathe better,smell better, and don't taste like an ashtray now but really any damage has already been done and I accept that and take responsibility for it however that may eventuate in the future.

One thing I despise is people who blame their own poor choices and the inevitable following consequences on others which is the modern trend. Judging peoples actions of many years before that was the norm at the time ( Not necessarily good things, but the norm ) and victimising those involved based on todays criteria is absurd. Strangely though, cold turkey ( we still can't come up with better?????) is still regarded as the best way to quit even with a 90% relapse rate.

Good thing I came up with PseudoSmoking.....

Unfortunately it costs alot more money than I have to make this method known more than to have this web site up and running. Its not flashy, glitzy, full of half truths or even outright lies about quitting smoking. Probably why I get little feedback. With any luck over the last 2 years some of you have succeeded as I have done and just as easily.

Have a very merry and safe Christmas and for a new years resolution,

If you have to keep smoking, PseudoSMoke so you can easily quit.

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