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12 MONTHS and all is well

Well here we are 12 months later and happily a non smoker without any effort at all. Well that has certainly bucked the trend of other methods used to "quit" smoking. The 12 month benchmark is not reached without some hiccups along the wayas a rule, but with PseudoS

moking preparing the way it has been simplicity itself. My personal health has improved, my finacial health has improved, it has been definitely a worthwhile exercise and hope at some point others will find my website and be able to do as I have done. That is always the most difficult part of the whole exercise, getting the word out. Unfortunately as this is not something you can make money out of its not likely to be made widely known as cost vs benefit means its all my money heading out in advertising to help you and no return on investment. In this case maintaining this website is about where it has to stop. Its up to you in that case to use your social media to help promote a very worthy means of quitting smoking once and for all. I hope some of you will and share the benefits not smoking brings. I hope you all have a wonderful and productive year ahead.


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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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