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18 Months cigaretteless and still going strong


I have been slack and have neglected this blog for some time. I get little feedback so it feels as if i am talking to myself...LOL I hope any who have tried my method have had some success and hopefully some that have had the success I have had. I have not had a cigarette or any tobacco or even any inhaled substances in over 18 months now. I have not had the slightest wish, desire or need to do so.

As strange as it may seem, PseudoSmoking is NECESSARY to "easily" quit smoking. It definitely allows you to experience usual smoking situations and allow you a choice over time. When you do indeed decide to quit smoking once and for all, it WILL be once and for all as the situational need/urge to smoke has been taken care of by the PseudoSmoking method over time.

Please do yourself a favour if you are looking for a way to quit smoking.

Try pseudoSmoking, it may seem odd to smoke normal cigarettes ( but in a different way ) to quit smoking, but it rocked my world.

PseudoSmoke to Easily QUIT Smoking, I did

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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