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Discrimination at its finest

I don't quite follow the need to be so "politically' correct and democratic. People are sooooooooo thin skinned these days?? Only some. Ease of litigation? Its pretty obvious that what those that insist on being so are in fact a minority if you go by many a populations opinion. It is of course done deliberately. Multiculturalism is hugely popular for governments as it stops the populace standing together against rubbish policy decisions. Reasoning- how else could a person like the American wannabe president, Mr Trump be as popular as he is with his incredibly less than "politically" correct policy stance and less than thought through ideas if that weren't so?? Pauline Hanson is back after 20 years with the same agenda and policy ideals she was ridiculed and chastised for then, stating her opinions honestly and openly. Even so, her early "ridiculous" policies were happily adopted by the government of the day and won them another election. Hypocricy at its finest there. Personally I simply think people want to be able to say it how they feel it, AND hear the truth, NOT watered down to the point it has zero relevance to the matter at hand and means absolutely nothing. Ask a politician what color the sky is on a clear, sunny day and it is highly unlikely in the five minute reply about some agenda of their own, the word blue will be in any way used in context to the question. The original question is in most cases completely ignored. Just think how much time would be saved and be able to be used for something constructive if straight answers were mandatory, NOT the exception. This is why the Donald trumps of the world are where they are. It is part of the reason why isis and other radical muslim groups are gaining popularity among young disillusioned men and women. The lack of the ability to be able to speak freely and be heard is why this is occurring. There is an exception it seems. Smokers are able to be denigrated in any way people see fit and discriminated against, simply because it is now seen to be unpopular to be a smoker by the media AND the very governments who happily used it as a sizeable part of their revenue base, even if it is only a token effort really....a bit like large chain hamburger joints selling salads as sides????. Its ONLY about appearances. How the world turns. PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking I Did ps its far far easier than getting a straight answer from a politician....

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