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Have you figured it out yet?

Why is it we only believe something ONLY if its endorsed by someone famous or respected in spite of them ONLY doing so usually for financial or other gain. Many believe in completely unproven things such as a higher beings or god/s quite happily also and defend that belief against all comers to the point of wars being fought over it.

Why believe organically grown, very expensive vegetables are better for us than than normal fresh snap frozen produce cheaply and readily available? Why are we unable to think for ourselves any more and see that all of the above is merely showing how gullible we are and/or a money making exercise as we are so used to having things marketed to us, that unless it is, we don't want it.


Why does it need to cost us as much or even more than actually smoking, in expensive quit smoking "aids" to quit? Answer ------> It doesn't.

Quitting Smoking is deemed one of the most difficult things to do. I thought so too. I believed the hype. I put pressure on myself before I tried quitting on many occasions so stood no real chance. Its always made out to be difficult and so we believe that and it becomes an extra unwanted hurdle. I have come up with a method that makes quitting smoking extremely easy in comparison to any other way.

PseudoSmoking is not advertised, no-one famous endorses, nor does it have a trademark, BUT it costs no more, its easy to do and actually works.

It IS tangible, doable and the results are clear, so therefor "actually" exists and war over it is highly unlikely.

It is not something the same as something else but ridiculously more expensive either. Don't be a sheep and have to be spoon fed ( insert apt expletive here) all your life. Do something real and THINK for yourself. It costs you no more, you need purchase nothing else, you don't need to make any time to do so, you need no special skills, it is almost effortless and withdrawal free AND you quit smoking for good when done. It does not use ANY substitutes for cigarettes or nicotine either or require you to even completely stop smoking short term or require you to suffer major withdrawal symptoms as most methods do. What more could you possibly want?????????? At least try my method of PseudoSmoking for yourself. You have only everything to gain from doing so. Easily quit smoking by PseudoSmoking. I DID

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The Ultimate way to Quit Smoking

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