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How powerful is media and advertising in dictating your actions?

If you are NOT convinced of the power of manipulating the media and popular perceptions, you MUST be now.

Years ago Donald Trump complained about the college system of voting and how it was biased. Of course he was howled down. So he worked out how it could be used to his own advantage. He is now the President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump has recognized and used the common, normally unheard and ignored person on the streets views on their lives and their worlds and issues that affect "them" and used them to WIN himself the Presidency of the United States of America. No small feat with all of those that actually truly believed their opinions mattered, blatantly against him. Are they "the Media gurus and those of uber self importance" that up themselves that they have yet to figure out they have been utterly out thought and played for the pompous egoists they are? You, the poor manipulated smoker, has had the same treatment by those that benefit from your inability to quit smoking, due in a large part to their media and advertising disinformation telling you how difficult it is in reality to quit and given the "correct" (misleading) information so you actually won't. Its your turn to show "them" now. My website, gives you ALL of the unbiased information to cheaply, relatively quickly and DEFINITELY easily quit smoking once and for all PseudoSmoke to easily quit smoking, I did PS ... I believe Donald Trump is a much more moderate and different man than the now popular perception of him and the views he portrayed to get himself elected as President. Advertising is simply that. A way to manipulate an audience in to believing something that may or may not be true or justified to their own ends. It is a VERY powerful medium. Controversy attracts attention and he was a master of keeping the attention on himself, wasn't he?

I hope I am right

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