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Now America wants to do what I have been talking about

Hello there,

Haven't been about for a while as no new developments, no feedback and I am still 100% a non smoker thanks to PseudoSmoking

What has piqued my interest now is that America is considering making cigarettes almost nil nicotine and so it will work exactly the same way as I have been insisting is the way to go by quitting smoking while you continue to smoke.

The method is different due to inhalation of the tobacco smoke into your lungs, but the net result is the same. No or very little nicotine getting into your bloodstream, then the desire to smoke naturally wanes, WITHOUT having to fully quit smoking instantly in order to do so. This will allow the situational habit, which is even more addictive than the nicotine, to be dealt with over time without the sudden shock to your system and therefore your resolve to quit smoking at all.

I fully endorse the USA in this effort, not that my point of view, firstly as an Australian, secondly as completely insignificant, thirdly as no money to be made from what I endorse, I hope this will come to pass

and is easily incorporated with PseudoSmoking to fully realize your quit smoking dreams.

SOME things your president does surprises me by their common sense rather than the usual dread that happens when he makes a statement of intent. Keep up this sort of good idea...

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